How to be a More Attractive Man (Now)

You look in the mirror and you can’t help but frown at what you see. There’s fat that feels like its dripping off your cheeks. Your blue colored shirt has been worn and washed so many times, it now looks white.

When you’re standing in line in Starbucks, no one knows how much money is in your bank account, or whether or not your social circle includes CEOs and famous athletes.

All they see is your body and the clothes that cover it.

So, how do you improve your appearance?

Here are 6 easy ways you can start to look and feel good right now:

1 – Hair

Outside of penis size, the next biggest part of the body that men are most conscious of is their hair.

I was in my early 20s and my buddies were already ragging on me about my thinning hair.

I started using Rogaine Foam to recover the hair on the middle of my scalp. And  – it worked!

I started going to a good barber twice a month for tight fades. Important note: black barbers are the way to go for sick fades.

As I grew into my late 20s, however, my great black barber moved, and the Rogaine became less effective.

My solution?

I began shaving my head every night in the shower.

I feel fresh every morning with crisp looking stubble on my head. At times, girls at bars even ask to touch it (to which I make them say “please” first, of course).

I’m not saying you have to shave your head too. I don’t know what your present hair situation is.

But – you need to be smart. Figure out your own solution.

I do not recommend products such as Propecia. There have been many reported negative sexual side effects from using products like this (Read about them here: “For Some Men, Propecia’s Sexual Side Effects May Be Long-lasting”).

2 – Buy Better Clothes

Recently I went on a trip and after I checked into my hotel, I realized I left my belt at home.

Luckily (I thought), there was a Walmart next door. I found a belt for $10.

Later that evening inside my hotel room, I was preparing to go out. I showered, slapped on my $100 bottle of cologne with a woodsy/cinnamon scent (Spicebomb – Click Here to check it out), pulled up my Express jeans, and dawned my tight fitting v-neck Express t-shirt which showed off my bulging chest and ripped biceps.

How to be a More Attractive Man? Invest in good cologne. Never over-use it though.

My confidence was sky high, even with my $10 Walmart belt slapped around my waist. Afterall, the club I was going to would be dark, and few people would see it.

I decided it needed to be tighten a little. As I went to move expand the buckle, it snapped!

Just like that I had no belt. It was 10PM.

The hotel front desk associate had a roll of tape that usually would work well for holding boxes together. I wrapped a thick load of that tape around my broken belt buckle.

I walked out the door looking like a fool. And more importantly, I felt like a fool. My confidence felt as snapped as my broken belt buckle.

Point being – you get what you pay for. Be willing to spend more.

3 – Your Car & Home Must be Attractive Too

I’m not rich. I’m not even wealthy (at least not yet).

My car is old. But it’s clean as fuck.

You won’t find any trash-like smelling 3-week old McDonald’s bags. Nor will you ever step on crunchy empty plastic water bottles.

How to be a More Attractive Man? Don’t have a dirty car like this one.

You won’t be able to spot a spec of dirt on my car’s carpets, even if used a microscope.

Immediately upon entering it, you’ll smell the fresh and clean scent of peach and vanilla. You won’t want to leave.

I recommend mixing the peach and vanilla “Little Trees” scents in your car.

Much how like having a fit body will serve as an advertisement to people that you value your health, a clean car (and other external belongings such as your home) will show people that you’re a well put together person with high standards.

I recommend getting your car’s interior professionally detailed at least twice a year.

Much like with clothes, you get what you pay for. Your professional detail should at least cost $100. And make sure whoever is detailing it, spends at least an hour working on it.

Also, make sure your car’s exterior also looks shinny. I pay $29 monthly for unlimited washes at a local car wash. I run my car through it about 3-4 times a week.

4 – The Gym

If there was a list called, “The 10 Commandments to Being a Man,” going to the gym would be the #1 commandment. It’s that important.

If you’ve never been to the gym, or it’s been years for you – drop what you’re doing, shut down your computer, and just go to the gym now.

It’s like getting in a pool. The water is cold at first and sends chills up your body. But, if instead, you jump right in, the chilling feel of the water will feel natural within seconds.

Back in 2013, I was on a date with a very average looking girl. She was 25, 5’1, blonde hair, flat chest, and no ass.

Me, just before I started going to the gym in 2013.
Me, present day in 2018. Now regularly going to the gym.

As I sat across from her with my double chin and beer belly, she asked, “Do you work out?”

Needless to say, she already knew the answer. Even more needless to say, she turned her face to the side when I later went it for a kiss.

That was my motivation to get to the gym. I was sick of losing. Sick of feeling like a slob.

Not only did I get a gym membership, but I paid $150 a month for the most exclusive and luxurious gym in the area.

This was the same gym famous people, such as Tiger Woods, would work out in when the visited the area.

By signing a 1-year contract for a $150 monthly fee, I felt compelled to get the most use out of the gym. It wasn’t difficult to find the motivation on a typical Wednesday afternoon after a draining 8-hour work day in my dull grey cubicle.

If it takes you finding a $150 a month gym to ensure you get there at least 4 days a week – do it! It’s that important to your life and success.

You can also get a personal trainer. Let’s say you find a nice gym that is $30 a month. They certainly should have personal trainers on staff there that will increase your monthly bill.

Personal trainers will provide more than just the motivation to attend due to an increased bill. A good one will teach you how to work out, what to eat, when to rest, etc.

You’ll start seeing results within a few weeks. And you’ll feel results immediately.

5 – Don’t be Afraid of Fashion Risks

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the words, “Men’s fashion?”

I think of gay dudes.

I imagine you probably also think of flamboyantly gay guys with tight clothes who wear sunglasses inside.

Fuck that shit. That’s the stereotype.

But look, we should still take chances.

Wear v-necks. Tight ones, especially if you’re spending the time at the gym. Girls show off their cleavage. You should show off your bulging chest and ripped arms.

V-necks tell people (even if it’s unconscious) that you’re an open person, who is not afraid to share your values with the world.

Shoes are important. I’ve heard girls repeatedly tell me that the first they notice about a guy are his shoes. They speak a lot about his standards.

How to be a More Attractive Man? Here’s an example of the going out shoes I were.

So, don’t be wearing your stylish Express jeans with your Nike Free Run sneakers.

I mention v-necks and nice shoes as being fashion risks because for years I was stuck in my own mediocre style. Example – shirts with sports teams logos, shoes that served more for comfort (no laces) than style.

Once I started taking risks, however, I started winning. It’s like what I mentioned earlier about the chilling feeling of a pool at first. Don’t think about it, just jump in.

6 – Wear conversation pieces

As men, we’re expected to lead all conversations with women, especially at first.

A quick way to get a girl to invest in the conversation is to wear articles of clothing that will provoke her interest.

My stumble filled head actually serves in this aspect. Girls will ask, “What color would you hair be? Can you grow hair if you wanted to? Can I touch your head?”

But also, recently I’ve been wearing wristbands that provoked the interest of girls.

They are Grant Cardone wristbands that I paid about $20 (I think) and recieved about 5 different ones. One reads, “Don’t be a Little Bitch,” which always provide a chuckle with the ladies.

Check out the Grant Cardone wristbands by Clicking Here. (FYI – this is NOT an affiliate link. I never have made any money off this blog. Just looking to help you.)

I’ve always used websites like to find interesting pieces of jewelry. Take, for example, the German brick necklace that I purchased recently.

How to be a More Attractive Man? Wear accesories that start conversations with women.

(Here’s a link to the designer/makers Instagram – which has a link to their Etsy page:

Be creative. Take chances.

Unless you feel your New York Yankees t-shirt will properly serve as the needed conversation starter that gets women to fantcize about what it might be like to see you shirtless and penetrating into them.

If you haven’t been happy with your appearance or the results your appearance has earned you, don’t waste any more time. Immediately begin implementing the advice from above.

After you’ve done so, return to this blog and leave your comments, success stories, etc.


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