4 (Surprising) Book Recommendations for Men

What are the usual book recommendations you hear about when it comes to self-development, specifically for men? Usually it’s books like Power of Positive Thinking, How to Win Friends and Influence People, or Psycho-cybernetics.

All great books. But if every passionate self-help guy out there has also read them, how do you still get a leg up?

Answer: By thinking differently. Which means reading books that maybe they haven’t.

After over 2 years on my own self-development journey, I’ve discovered many surprising books that have helped me become a better man. Here are my thoughts on each book:

1 – The Story Factor, by Annette Simmons

The Story Factor, by Annette Simmons. One of my book recommendations for men.

People who win in life know how to tell stories.

Sadly, however, most people don’t even understand the importance of stories, let alone know how to tell them.

The bottom line is this – no one gives a crap about facts. You can shout the best statistics like you’re Einstein, but unless you’re able to paint a picture in the minds of people, no one will listen.

People are persuaded by emotion. So, how do you reach people emotionally?

No one gives a rat’s ass about your neatly polished facts. You have to tell stories that connect with them deep inside the pit of their stomach.

Tell me which one of the following has a greater impact on you to stop texting and driving:

1 – About 3,000 people a year die in the United States each as a result of texting and driving accidents.

2 – My friend was awakened by an alarming phone call from the police at 1AM in order to come to crash site on a dark curvy road. Upon arriving he was shaken when officers asked him to identify his sister’s body. Her body, however, had become dark ashes littered around the ruins of her car that had crashed head first into a semi-truck. She was texting and driving.

The story about the dead sister texting and driving is a true story. One that I still remember vividly after my friend originally told me it 5 years ago.

Not only do stories have more of an impact than facts, they also remain permanently ingrained in our minds.

Simmons also wrote about how to tell a story. She goes over the importance of tone of voice/voice reflection. If no one can hear you, it doesn’t matter how good your story is.

By changing the pace of your voice by going high at important moments, and then lowering it or speaking more slowly will also leave a greater imprint on your listener.

Especially in today’s day and age where stories are being told at a rapid pace on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. We need to understand the importance of hand movements. Simmons goes through all of that.

You can spend $100,000 and 4 years worth of energy to earn a piece of paper from a university. But they won’t teach you half as much as you will learn from The Story Factor.

You’ll discover much greater benefits in life as the decades pass from using the art of storytelling than showing people your worthless piece of paper.

(Find out more about The Story Factor – Click Here.)

2 – The Moral Animal, Why We Are The Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology, By Robert Wright

The Moral Animal, Why We Are The Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology, By Robert Wright. One of my book recommendations for men.

Aren’t you sick of being told the lie from mainstream education and media that men and women are basically the same?

Fuck that shit. We’re not the same.

Wright excellently explained it all, in an easy to understand way in his book about evolutionary psychology.

This is a great introductory book into the world of evolutionary psychology. I read it a year ago, and now have spread my wings to other books involving the same or similar evolutionary and/or psychological topics.

Are you a man and feel bad that you cheated on your girlfriend? Thousands of years ago, no one would’ve blinked an eye.

The most memorable part of the book for me was how it exposed the creation of monogamy. For the first time in my life, I learned about both the positives and negatives about monogamy and the effects it has society.

That’s because our brains developed when humans lived in caves. We aren’t designed to live in a world of skyscrapers, interstates, and airplanes.

Have you ever been shamed for wanted to date or have sex with younger women? Read Wright’s book. He’ll explain what the schools refuse to (or don’t know how to). Men are designed to spread their seed as much as possible. And the youthfulness of younger women is an indicator to us of their greater capacity to have children.

Why did you let the guy who said he was running late for work cut you in line at Starbucks? Wright explains “Tit for Tat” theory.

Or you know what, maybe this book isn’t for you. Maybe you should goes turn back on CNN and listen to how terrible you are because you have testosterone filled body.

(Find out more about The Moral Animal – Click Here.)

3 – How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis

How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis. One of my book recommendations for men.

Felix Dennis died in 2014. But he lived a life of adventure, partying, and winning. He started with just the dirty clothes on his body and went hard.

He’s best known for starting Maxim magazine. But as he wrote in his book, never put your eggs in only one basket. He did much more than just Maxim.

It’s hilarious to me that so many high schoolers are still being brainwashed with the words, “You have to go to college to succeed.”


So they can waste 4 years (or more) to listen to the foolish dribble from unsuccessful Marxist professor clowns?

Dennis explains why starting a business as early as your late teens/early 20s is the most wise thing you could do.

I just read comments on a friends Facebook post. He posted about how he hates his job working in a dull grey cubicle for a bunch of crooks. He contemplated started his own business.

Sure enough, the mediocre indoctrinated clowns were in full force reminding him that he’d be better off staying buried away in his life sucking cubicle.

One wrote, “Luck is determined before birth, and if your name is Trump or not.”

Yea, fuck that.

Dennis, in his book, wrote, “The only truth about luck, good or bad, is that it will change. The law of averages virtually guarantees it.”

He then reminded us what it takes, “To become rich you must behave as a predator.”

This book can best be described as a necessary wake up call for men who have spent years or decades engulfed in the stupidity of mainstream social conditioning.

(Find out more about How to Get Rich – Click Here.)

4 – Orgasm in 5 Minutes, by Tina Robbins


Orgasm in 5 Minutes by Tina Robbins. One of my books recommendations for men.

I accidentally ran into this book one day while my eyes scanned the shelves at Barnes and Nobles.

And I scooped this book up. (Glad I did too because it’s selling for 4 times as much currently on Amazon. I guess it must’ve been in short print.)

The 3 books that I recommended above all provide you with knowledge that’ll put you a notch above the competition in your everyday life.

This book, however, gives you insight to put you a notch above your competition with women in your everyday life.

And as I always say, people who succeed always provide value.

Yes, your purpose, your goal, your life is much more important than women. But how would it feel to have a life full of winning but no sex with women?

You want women coming back for more. Much like with any clientele of a business, you want the women in your life to be happy customers.

Women become happy customers when you give them mind blowing orgasms, and make the cum as if it’s raining.

Many women are unable to cum via penetration. Yes, this book provides you will help to overcome that. But even if that doesn’t work, you’ll still learn about techniques to make them cum without penetration.

Don’t be the guy who just jumps on top of a naked woman and humps her like a rabbit.

Are you a guy who is self conscious about your penis size?

You should know that many women complain about dicks that are too big. And like I mentioned earlier, some women can’t cum via penetration anyways.

Take this from a guy who used to shower in 1920s built Army barracks where I faced naked dudes everyday as I showered. What you think is a big penis, really would be an enormously rare above average penis.

Lets just say though that women do strongly prefer a 10 inch penis for penetration. You can still make her cum in other ways.

Use your wet tongues, your flexible fingers by using them the correct way. Read this book.

(Find out more about Orgasm in 5 Minutes – Click Here).

Life is about exploring. Increase your knowledge, read different books.

If you have any book recommendations of your own, please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to try them out. Thank you in advance!

To Recap the (4) Surprising Book Recommendations for Men:

The Story Factor, by Annette Simmons

The Moral Animal, Why We are the Way We are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology, by Robert Wright

How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis

Orgasm in 5 Minutes, by Tina Robbins

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