How Dating is Like Sales (Game, Pickup)

Do you know that Fortune 500 sales reps essentially use the same techniques as many alpha men use to have sex with countless beautiful women? I will explain how and why dating (game, pickup) is like sales. You’ll be able to use the same sales techniques in your dating (game, pickup) life to have bedpost slamming sex with amazing women.

On behalf of your parents, teachers, and all the movies you watched growing up, I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart.

You were lied told bigger lies than the ones coming from OJ Simpson’s mouth.

You were told there was some magical woman out there that was your soul mate and meant to be with you.

Now, you’re spending time in front of wondering when this magical woman will appear.

The sooner you realize that dating, game, pickup, etc is the exact same thing as the sales operations of a Fortune 500 business, the sooner you will be to finding an abundance of magical woman that will make it so you never type on the “Pornhub” into your web browser again.

Here are the steps that award winning Fortune 500 sales reps take to earn millions of dollars in revenue, along with how the same steps translate into dating (game, pickup) for guys who enjoy breathtaking, sweat filled, sex with the hottest girls:

– Cold Calling in Sales

Sales reps for major companies cold call by picking up the phone and calling someone (usually a business and searching for the business owner) they don’t know and who doesn’t know them.

More often than not this results in hearing the slam of the prospect’s phone violently pound against their receiver.

If, however, you dial enough numbers, you will eventually locate a prospect that sounds sweeter than your Grandma giving you cookies, who is dying for your services.

In 2018, cold calling can also be done by using email. Usually this means email blasting thousands of emails.

A low quality email list will be emails that are purchased from a marketing company.

A high quality email list, however, will consist of emails that the sales rep collects as he goes about his cold calling. Those leads were initially cold, but were turned into “warm” leads.

– Cold Calling Girls in Dating, Game, Pickup

Just a like how a sales rep makes no money if he isn’t talking to potential customers, you’re never going to get your dick wet if you don’t talk to girls.

This means when you’re out at the bar with your buddies for Friday night happy hour, you’re opening conversations with hot girls.

Some might show no signs of interest. That’s okay. Stay cool.

All of a sudden a hot friend comes out of the bathroom. The uninterested girls didn’t want to bang you, but you were cool so they’re not objecting at all to you speaking with their hot friend.

Also, other random girls stationed around the bar see you having fun. They can see by your open body language that you’re free flowing, entertaining, and a non-threatening guy.

They’re dying inside for you to come and approach them. So, an hour later when you finally do introduce yourself to the group of admiring girls, they’re saying “Jackpot!” in their head.

World renowned social psychologist, Robert Cialdini, in his book, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion (Click Here), refers to this as “social proof.” In dating (game, pickup) it can also be called being “pre-selected.”

Robert Cialdini’s book Influence is more about how to be persuasive in sales, but smart men will also use his techniques to get laid.

It’s why, like Cialdini explained, TV sitcoms used canned laughter. When people hear the laughter, they’re more likely to laugh – even when the jokes aren’t funny.

You can also prospect by using online dating. This is the dating (game, pickup) version of a Fortune 500 rep email blasting.

I’ve used every site and app from Match and OkCupid to Tinder and Bumble.

Create a good opening message. Usually you’ll figure out a good one through trial and error. You want your opening message to provoke interest and engage her so she feels compelled to write back.

Once you have a good opener, simply copy/paste that to all the girls you find interesting. Some will reply, some won’t. Your job is to keep the game going and build rapport with your interested leads/girls.

– Referrals in Sales

A good cold caller will always come across with a friendly, fun, and non-threatening demeanor.

Often he will encounter prospects who have no desire for his services, but they end up liking him because he’s such a cool guy.

They’ll feel bad for saying “no” so when the cold caller asks, “Who do you know that might be a good fit for my services?” they’re usually happy to giveaway their best friends name and phone number.

When I was a Fortune 1000 sales rep, and I used to get a referral from an uninterested prospect, I used to 3-way call their referral with them on the line.

Think about a restaurant you like or a movie you went to see. Did you initially go because a friend raved to you about how great it was?

Referrals can also come from happy customers. The key is to continue to build the rapport after the sale. And, of course, do everything in your power to ensure they’re enjoying whatever they purchased from you.  

– Referrals in Girls in Dating, Game, Pickup

I don’t care if you’re 6’4, have bulging chest muscles popping out of your shirt, and have the face of the Rock, you’re still going to encounter girls who don’t want to bang you.

But do they have friends who might be want to go for a horseback ride on you?

And don’t think, especially for girls 18-24, that their friends won’t want to see what all the fun horseback riding is all about.

Quite simply, hot women want to bang guys who other hot women bang.

So, make sure you can turn her into a “happy customer.” By that I mean, use your tongue, your fingers. If you don’t last long – learn how to.

The best first step you can take to avoid premature ejaculation and last longer is to read David Deida’s book, The Way of the Superior Man (Click Here).  

Deida has an entire chapter dedicated to how to overcome premature ejaculation.

If you need help overcoming premature ejaculation, read Deida’s book, The Way of the Superior Man. You should also read it even if you don’t need help with premature ejaculation. Tons of great info in it for men.

Don’t just take my word for it. I urge you to read the book, not just because it gives advice how to avoid premature ejaculation, but because the entire is an amazing educational experience for all men. Mainstream education and families aren’t providing this kind of valuable information to young men.

You want her hot girlfriends to hear about her amazing spine churning orgasm that you gave her as her fingernails are clawing and digging deep into your back.

So, I will share some of the key points Deida covers. This way you can overcome premature ejaculation, last longer in bed, and have a happy customer who not only wants to come back for seconds, but through word of mouth, builds strong “pre-selection” credibility or “social proof.”

Here they are (but I urge you to read the book!):

1) Stay present in the moment and avoid fantasizing.

2) Make sure your body and breath are relaxed.

3) Whatever you’re feeling, feel it beyond sex.

4) Always practice your breathing.

5) Read the book for more explanation.

– Networking in Sales

Referrals come naturally when a sales rep networks. A good sales rep will always be looking to provide value to other professionals.

By giving away referrals of his own, or providing help wherever he can and asking for nothing in return, he will find many professionals who are dying to send him business.

Robert Cialdini, in Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion (Click Here), wrote about the power of “reciprocation.”

Essentially, when someone gives us anything, even if it’s something we don’t want, we feel indebted to give something back.

– Networking in Dating, Game, Pickup

You’re a fool if you’re not making guy friends.

Many guys are going know hot girls that you can be introduced to after you’re brought into his social circle. They’re not, however, going to let you into their social circle if you’re not bringing value.

What can you add? Energy? Enthusiasm? Do you know a guy at work who is poorly performing, but you can help him? Is there someone who needs a ride to pick up his car from the mechanic?

Always. Add. Value.

-Follow-Up in Sales

Sales expert and self-made millionaire Grant Cardone, repeatedly reminds everyone that the biggest mistake sales reps make is not following up.

A few years ago, a female sales prospect had angry and frustrated tone in her voice when I asked for her business.

A week later, though, when I called her to follow-up, her voice was sweet, soft, and vibrant. She told me was happy I called back.

Here’s what you must know – most of the time when a person is angry, it has NOTHING to do with you. You weren’t there earlier when her dog ran off into the street and was hit by a car. You weren’t earlier when her father filed for divorce with her mother.

So, STOP giving yourself so much credit. And, instead follow-up.

– Follow-Up in Dating, Game, Pickup

Girls go cold on me out of the blue all the time. If girls never go cold on you, you’re not interacting with any, and you’re not getting laid.

The key in follow up in dating (game, pickup) is to never come off as a stalker.

If a girl doesn’t respond to your text, don’t text her again to ask why she never replied.

Instead, wait at least 2 days. If you still hear “crickets,” wait an entire week. At that time, send an engaging and playful text that also provokes her to respond.

Don’t bring up anything overtly about her not being responsive.

If you still get nothing in return, put her on a 2 week follow-up program. You could have a bunch of girls in your 2 week follow up program. Just copy/paste the same engaging and fun text to each girl who’s missing in action.

Some girls might never respond. Feel free to delete girls from your follow-up system (and phone) at any time. Afterall, if you’re prospecting and networking like you should, you might have to do some house cleaning every so often so you don’t run out of room.

Here are examples of texts I sent to girls who were in my follow up system:

An example of a text I sent (and her response) to a girl who was in my “follow-up” system.

– Closing in Sales

A good sales rep doesn’t close by asking for the sale. It comes naturally.

If anything, the prospect asks the sales rep if he/she can buy the product.

How do great sales reps close deals so naturally? Napoleon Hill explained this in his famous book, Think & Grow Rich (Click Here).

Basically, top sales reps who close deals are getting laid.

In chapter 11, page 140, Hill wrote, “Master salesmen attain the status of mastery in selling because they, either consciously or unconsciously, transmute the energy of sex into sales enthusiasm!”

Their sexual energy leads to their charisma. Their charisma and charm becomes so attractive that the “prospect” suddenly becomes the one asking for the deal.

If you want more sales, first start by having more sex!

– Closing in Dating, Game, Pickup

Just like in the Fortune 500 world for sales reps, a good close in dating (game, pickup) for sex comes naturally.

Much like how Hill explained in Think & Grow Rich, your sexual energy (assuming you’re getting laid) is like a magnet that women are drawn to.

A few years ago I was invited to a late night, 4th of July party outside a girls house. I only went out with this girl once before.

Upon me parking my car in her front yard, she greeted me directly outside my car. I turned her around, pressed her up against my car, and we began making out.

She said, “Fuck me right now in your car.”

I replied, “No. Be a good girl, introduce me to your friends, and maybe later…we’ll see.”

For the next few hours she was begging me like a dog in heat to have sex with her. Finally, I agreed to request. I ended up with bruised knees due to my efforts performed in the back of her station wagon.

Good closers in dating (game, pickup) are the ones who don’t close at all. They are the ones being closed. Just like closers in the Fortune 500 world.

Delete the Disney movies that you were brainwashed with when you were young. Inject your mind with the best sales techniques around. You’ll make money, and soon girls will treat your dick like it was a million dollars.

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