Texting Mistakes Guys Make and Send to Girls

Once your finger taps the “send” button on your phone, your text message to Emily – the skinny, sexy blonde, with long hair, c-cup boobs, and a firm ass – is there to stay. The texting mistakes guys like you make and send to girls must be avoided.

That is, of course, if you want any chance of ripping Emily’s tight blue jeans off her fit, sexy body.

One of the biggest complaints about guys that I hear from girls like Emily is that their texting sucks. Which makes sense since texting is still a relatively new form of communication.

We learn from our mothers or school how to speak, how to write, and how to read. No one, however, teaches us how to text.

Thankfully for you, after about 8 months of trial and error (with a ton of error) and not getting my dick wet, I learned to master the art of texting girls.

Here’s the biggest texting mistakes guys make and send to girls:


1 – Rapid Fire Texting

Have you ever received a text from a girl and responded 2 seconds after you heard your text alert “ding” on your phone?

2 seconds later you hear the “ding” again with a response from her. Your thumb quickly starts punching out another response text to her.

That is rapid fire text messaging. Avoid rapid fire texting like you would a 6 foot tall 300 pound chick at the bar.

Rapid fire texting doesn’t work because it’s difficult to continuously send good engaging texts in a short period of time. Your texts will quickly become either boring or “try-hard.”

You need to slow down the game like a good NFL defense aims to slow down a rapid no huddle offense.

The goal of texting a girl is to set up a time and place to meet and/or go out. Yes, before the 1st date (especially if this girl is someone you didn’t know beforehand) there is some comfort building that is necessary through texting.

But other than that, nothing good can happen when texting a girl. The more you rapid fire text her, the more you open yourself up to thoughtless mistakes and overexposing yourself.

Think of your local FM radio station. How do you feel when you hear the same songs played over and over again. You run the risk of the girl feeling the same way about you when she sees your rapid fire texts pop up on her phone.

I don’t care that she is responding to your rapid fire texts. She is hoping you won’t respond. Even if that hope is unconscious, she doesn’t want you to rapid fire text her. You’re the man – you lead. Slow down the game and lead like the man you are.

Also, when you rapid fire text her, you kill any suspense and tension. Always remember – no tension = no sex.

How do you feel from someone tells the end of a movie before you see it? The same for her and your texts. Make her wait to see how you respond.

“Will he respond?” she will wonder. “Oh my God, did I send the right text to him?” she will also ask herself.

Now you’re making her sweat (instead of you). She’s wondering if she’s good enough for you. Start sending rapid fire texts, however, and you kill any chance of this.

(Exception) Please note: Rapid fire texting is okay on a limited few occasions such as the day of your date. See this example from my phone:

An example of when it’s okay to rapid fire text a girl (on the day of the date, concerning logistics, etc).

Here’s another example from my phone:


Another example of when it’s okay to rapid fire text a girl (on the day of the date, concerning logistics, etc).

Rapid fire texting is more than acceptable on the day of the day when it involves logistics regarding the date. If you delay replying to her texts on the day of the date (especially the first date), she will start to have second thoughts on date all together and might even flake.


2 – Sending Validation Texts to a Girl

We live in 2018. These aren’t the days of your Grandfather’s dating. Back in his day, they didn’t have Instagram.

Rest assured, girls today are addicted to validation.

Ever see a heroin addict chase their next fix? What happens after they get their fix? They’re good. Until, of course, they need their next fix.

But unlike with drug dealers, girls chasing validation will just chase it from the next guy on their list. Once a guy gives his validation, he can’t give it again.

This is particularly true when texting. If you validate a girl through texting she can continuously return to look at your validating words. No need for anymore.  She’ll have to find a new guy to chase for his validation (and trust me, she won’t have a problem finding one).

Girls aren’t chasing you. They’re chasing your validation. Don’t complain, don’t question it – just accept it. They sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be having bed post slamming sex.

Examples of validating a girl when sending texts are:

“You’re hot”

“I can’t wait to see you”

“You have the most amazing smile”

“I had a great time with you”

Notice the last validating text on the list, “I had a great time with you.” This brings up the key question – when should you text her after the first date?

After all, texting her after the first date, is a validation.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

One of two will happen after the first date. 1) She will text you immediately once she returns home. Or, 2) She will be more traditional and wait for you to text her.

If she texts you soon after the first date, don’t reply. Let’s assume your date was at night. You get home at 11pm. For all she knows you went to sleep.

Make her wonder. Build the tension. She is chasing your validation. Yes, it’s killing her. But it’s also making her want to bang you.

If you reply that night to her text, she’ll instead say this in her head, “Well, great. He likes me. Now I know. Yawn.” She’ll then be waiting for some new guy to text/approach her so he can chase his validation.

I’d advise waiting at least 24 hours, if not more to respond to her text (if she texts you immediately after the first date). You have to sleep, you have work, you have tons of things you have to do. Don’t reply so quickly and give her the validation she is chasing. Your dick will thank you later, and you’ll be a lot closer to date number 2.

If she’s more traditional and doesn’t text you after the first date, wait at least 2 days to text her. Maybe even 3.

A few years ago I would’ve told you that you should text her the day after the first date. That was before Instagram exploded. We’re now playing a new game in a totally different world.

Again, don’t fight it, don’t complain, don’t ask questions – just accept it.


3 – Needy Text Messages

The worst possible game you can use is “neediness game.” Needy game is anytime you show signs of requiring validation from her. Neediness from guys disgusts girls.

Here’s a breakdown of needy texts examples:

“How are you today?”

“What’s up?”

“Good morning”

“What are you doing?”

If you remember nothing else from this blog post, drill inside your head never to send any text to a girl that even remotely looks like the texts above.

Why do you care how she’s doing?

In her head she’s saying, “Does this guy have no life? Does he never get laid? Why is he just sitting there wondering how I’m doing?”

Or, after she gets your “what’s up” text she’s saying, “What the fuck am I supposed to say to that?”


4 – Sending a Text Asking for Nudes and/or Pics

Never, I repeat – never ask a girl for pics of any kind, especially nudes.

Why do you need pics from her? Can’t you get laid? Are there no available girls for you to see nude in real life? Can you stick your dick through your phone and into her picture?

If your following my advice and are using solid text game, she will most likely, at some point ask you for more pics.

The text message to send to her after she asks you for a pic is, “I didn’t see a please from you.”

Always, make her say please when she requests anything from you via text message (and in person too). I have never had a negative response from making a girl say “please.”

Here’s an example from my phone:

Please note: I’m not a huge fan of the slight validation I show in this text, but you see the example of making her say please.

Usually she’ll send her own photos with no request. She’ll do so because she’s chasing your validation and attention.

A trick you can use to get to send pics without requesting them is sending her a reverse psychology text. Here’s an example: “I’m very busy right now, so no distracting me.”

Important to remember too that you will not receive nude photos from a girl, or anything too risky, until you’ve had sex with her multiple times.
5 – Anger Texts

Girls want to bang men. Men stay grounded. Women are emotional. So, don’t be a woman.

Yes, a girl might send a dumb text. She might send you a text flaking on your upcoming Friday night date that you cleared your calendar for. Don’t send an angry reply text. Unless, of course, you want to come across like an emotional woman.

If you’re not okay receiving texts at times from girls that might upset you, don’t play the game. You’re not ready. Instead, spend your time focusing on learning to be masculine and how to stay grounded.

Let her be the emotional one. After you stay grounded, she won’t even remember in a few days why she was acting so crazy. Then she’ll be on your bed and wrapped in your arms.


6 – Other Texting Mistakes to Avoid Sending to Girls

Emojis. Are you a clown or a man?

I get it, there is a place for emojis. We can’t see body language through texting. So, an emoji here and there can help. But much like what I wrote in the section about rapid fire texting, less is more. Once you overuse something, it starts to have a negative effect.  

The same is true for the excessive use “Lol” or “Hahahaha.” Again, are you a juggling clown or a man?

Longer texts to girls. See above. Less is more. Make her wonder. It’s ideal to have her investing more. You want to be able to scroll through your text message thread with her and see that it’s obvious her texts are longer.

Remember, girls want to bang guys they believe are better than them. If her texts are longer, it’s a sign to her that she has to invest more to get you because you’re better.

Yes, there are certainly times you have to send a longer text. Just limit it. Try to never go longer than 3 lines.

Learn how to edit. Before you hit the “send” button, revise your text. What words can you text out. What words can you change? An example of changing words would be, “You” to “u” or “three” to “3”.

Multiple texts before she replies. Dude get a life. Get out of your mom’s basement and start hustling to make some money. Or go to the gym.

Wait. Until. She. Responds.

You’ll be more needy than a baby who is crying to suck on his mother’s nipple if you send her another text before she replies.

She is human too. She might have forgot to reply. She might be working. She might be driving. Her grandfather might have just died. Or, she might just be shit testing you. Who cares?

You’re a man with your own life. Live it. Once you make a girl (or a reply text from a girl) the center of your universe, you’re more fucked than a 140 pound child molestor in prison.

If you’re not working towards your own ambitions, have your own goals, go to the gym, etc, then you need to stop reading this blog and never text (or talk to) another girl until you get that figured out.

Most of the time, when a girl doesn’t respond to your text right away it’s because she’s shit testing you. You can thank the herds of other guys who in the past have sent her 5 texts before she replies such as:

“Hey, what happened?”

“Did you get my last text?”

“My phone is acting funny, did my last text send?”

Be thankful for the shit test because it gives you the opportunity to prove you’re not like the countless other needy dorks.

And if it’s not a shit test, or she’s not really busy, so what? You should be interacting with multiple girls. Never rely on just one girl. When you 5 (or, preferably more) girls you won’t notice that she’s gone cold. In fact, you might even be thankful that she has gone cold.

When a girl goes cold on me, I look at from the angle that I’m Netflix and she’s Blockbuster. I’m giving her a chance to get in now for a great price before I get too big. If she doesn’t take, oh well. See yea. Have fun, Blockbuster.

I’m sorry no one ever taught you proper text game. It’s a good thing though. Now you’re aware of the texting mistakes guys make and send to girls. Not sending mistake filled text messages to girls will easily put you in the big leagues of dudes on her radar.



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