Why is Male Life Expectancy Dropping?

Why are men dying at a younger age? Lost in the madness of mainstream news is the fact that men are living shorter lives. So I ask, why has the life expectancy in the United States dropped for men for the second straight year?

Earlier today I was eating a protein filled salmon, and enjoying every juicy bite knowing that it was increasing my testosterone levels.

This man then entered the restaurant:

An example of a male (with a large beer belly) who is contributing to the lower life expectancy of men.

Without even looking at his face, I saw the sadness all over his body. I have no idea what he went on to order. The chances are high though that he opted for a burger with ketchup, mustard and pickles oozing off it and then slipping out of the fun. Then he probably guzzled the mess down with a piss smelling and estrogen induced beer.

I don’t point this man out to make fun of him. My hope is to raise awareness that a dangerously disturbing amount of men are leading unfulfilled, unhappy, and unhealthy lives. And most importantly point out that men like this are living shorter lives.

Men already have a lower life expectancy than women (76.1 years for men compared to 81.1 for women). And based on a late 2017 study, the life expectancy for men dropped for the second consecutive year (Click Here to Read the Stats/Article). Life expectancy stayed the same, however, for women (81.1 years) during the exact same time.

In 2018, knowing what we know about health, fitness, nutrition, and science, we should be increasing the life expectancy for men.

We have made profound advances in technology to help our computers and smartphones live longer. Isn’t it a tragedy then that we are on a steep decline when it comes to men living longer?

What has caused the life expectancy of men to drop for the second straight year?

Let’s examine our friend from the restaurant (pictured above). Do you notice what he was wearing?

He didn’t want to leave the house without being decked out in the football jersey which sports the name of his favorite player across the back.

No, this man didn’t wear a jersey that showcased his name. No, he opted to wear the name of the man that he spends 4 hours each Sunday watching play a game in tight spandex pants.

The tight spandex wearing football player also makes about $10 million annually. That’s about $9,960,000 more in annual salary than the worshipping fan.

His adoring male fan, not concerned about their difference in income, cheers him on from his couch as potato chip crumbs slowly drops off his lips and land on the top of his round belly.

Wearing the jersey of another man show that this man chooses to live through the player. He doesn’t focus on his own accomplishments, nor is he pursuing any. So, he wears the name of an athlete who is focused on his own goals and mission in life.

The athlete doesn’t know this man nor would he ever care to associate himself with such a man. If the fan saw the athlete in person, he’d muster up courage to ask for an autograph from his 20 years younger hero, only to be ignored as the athlete would slam the door of his Rolls Royce.

I don’t know if this man has a girlfriend, but this goes for any man who wears a jersey with the name of someone else on it – girlfriends want to have bed post slamming sex with the football players (or men who focus on their own mission and goals in life). Not her jersey wearing idolizers.

Point is – when you give up focusing on yourself, you grow a belly more round than your head. And when your belly is bigger than your head, you develop things like heart disease (the leading killer amongst all men). Thus, we have the life expectancy in the United States declining for the second straight year for men.

Several weeks earlier I was in a different restaurant, picking up grilled salmon at around 2PM, when I encountered this man:

An example of a sad and scared man who decides to drink multiple glasses of wine at 2PM.

You can see his scared demeanor by the way he is covering the vital organs area on his body with his crossed arms.  

Here is how Psychmechanic.com (Click  Here to Visit) described the crossing arms body language move:described the crossing arms body language move:

“When a person feels threatened by a situation, he crosses his arms across his chest creating a barrier that helps him protect his vital organs- the lungs and the heart.”

The threatened man, around 60 in age, was sitting alone at the bar. He quickly poured down his second glass of wine. It still had only been about 10 minutes since my 2pm arrival.

The vibrant 23 year old female bartender, named Jolene, dashed by his vicinity. The man, with a pitch in his voice similar to a preschooler who is about to ask his teacher for permission to go the bathroom, softly squeaked out the words, “Joelene, can I have another one?”

The quick moving Jolene, of course, didn’t hear a word. She dashed to another customer on the other side of the bar. The man sunk his head down and looked into his crotch.

Of course this man felt threatened and spoke softer than the most polite preschooler. He could’ve been at the gym at 2PM. Instead of guzzling 3 glasses of wine, he could’ve slammed a post workout chocolate milk down his throat. Wine at 2PM doesn’t build confidence or strength.

The football adoring fan chooses to focuses on the lives of other men. This man, however, focuses on things, such as wine, that he believes will bring him happiness, but instead bring him sadness, and a shorter life expectancy.

Here’s a list of things that I’ve noticed men focusing on that doesn’t advance their lives:

– Sports idolatry (FYI – watch my YouTube video (Click Here) “Why Men Should Stop Watching Sports”).

– Not reading books or self educating

– No physical activity such as playing sports (not watching) or going to the gym

– Lack of a healthy sex life with an attractive woman (or women)

– Unfulfilling job and/or not working or making money at all (ie. living off the government)

– Overconsumption of alcohol

– Too much weed smoking and/or use of other drugs

– Mind altering psychiatric drugs

– Playing video games too much

– Watching too much TV

– Watching/listening/reading mainstream news

– Wasting time debating politics, possibly on apps like Twitter and Facebook

– Placing value in the opinions of others

– Smoking cigarettes

– Unhealthy eating such as fast food and junk food

– Dating unattractive women

– Not dating at all

– Lack of appreciation of nature

– Masturbating too much

The next time you’re out at say, a coffee shop, take a glance at the men you see. Do they look happy, healthy, or even talkative?

Something has to change. But until it does, we should expect the life expectancy for men to continue to drop.


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