How to Text Message a Girl Before the First Date

Do you know how to ask a girl out through text message? There is a pre-first date text messaging strategy that you should use to improve your chances that she’ll say yes when you ask her out, and then not flake on you.

This is 2018. The main form of communication used is text messaging.

Either accept this, and learn to be a master at text messaging or have fun spending the rest of your life having sex with your hand.

Here are the steps to texting a girl before the first date:

1) Build rapport.

I’m assuming you meet girls either by face to face approaches or via dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. Either way, the goal is to get their number.

Usually, you should always send a first text with a photo of yourself. Don’t re-introduce yourself. If you were to send a first text and say something dorky like, “Hey, this is JT,” it comes across like this, “I’m a loser who wears shirts with pocket protectors and 1950 glasses that are taped together in the middle. Since I’m a loser, I’m assuming my previous impression wasn’t that strong. So, I’m reminding you of my name.”

Send a good photo, and then text something like, “This is your future ex-husband.” Or you can send a text that takes off where your last conversation ended. Such as this text:

An example of a first text message that I sent to a girl recently.

Above is an example of a recent first text message that I sent to a girl that I met on Tinder. During our Tinder interaction, I was leading our conversation in a role play scenario where we were partying on the beach on the Bahamas.

Please note, there was no need for me to send a picture on this first text. My confidence level in my initial interaction with her was too strong. So, I just picked up where I left off with the positive emotions.

2) Quickly let your intentions known and ask her out.

This is important – Your only goal when text messaging a girl is to get her to go on a date with you.

Are you looking for a pen pal or do you want to get laid?

Be assertive when you ask her out. Here’s an example:

An example of how to ask a girl out through text message.

All you need to know is her schedule. From there, just take charge and lead the way. Here’s an example:

An example of telling a girl what you will be doing on a first date.

Your goal should also be to provide vivid detail of what will take place on the date. As you can see, I explained to my date in a flirty way that we will play darts.

She needs to know that 1) You’re a man who can plan things, and 2) This won’t be a boring date where you’re just staring across the table from her not knowing what to say.

3) Confirm the date by using the odd time technique.

Only a dork who is going to bore her more than than a documentary about the the life of dirt on the planet would send a text message that read, “Are we still on for tomorrow at 6:30?”

Yes, you must confirm the date. But you want to do it in a way the continues to build on her attraction for you. You do this by using humor and being creative.

Here’s an example:

An example of how to confirm a first date through text message.

Here’s another text message example from a different girl (and phone):

Another example of conforming a first date via text message, and using humor while being flirty.

4) Be prepared for last minute resistance.

Women’s emotions run more wild than a loose tiger in the forest. You should not only expect her emotions to be going crazy, but embrace it. The keys are – remain calm and un-reactive.

Here’s an example of an “emotions gone wild” text soon before our scheduled first date:

An example of a text message from a girl soon before our first date.

You could also call this a “shit test” in a way. But very often I receive text messages from girls soon before our first date that read something like, “I’m so nervous.” Know that it’s highly likely she will be feeling this way, and you will get text messages that express these wild female emotions.

5) Don’t over-text.

Over-texting a girl at anytime, but especially prior to the first date, will repel her more than the strongest insect repellent money can buy.

Do not be needy. Examples of needy text messages include:

“Hey, good morning”

“What’s up cutie?”

“How’s your day going so far?”

All that crap conveys is that you have no life. You have no ambition and you’re not on your path to success in life. You can’t stop thinking about her, and you haven’t even met her yet.

Fuck that shit!

Also, don’t worry if she doesn’t respond to your text messages right away. Who gives a shit if she doesn’t reply? She might be working, asleep, or heck – she might be shit testing you to see you’re going to turn into a needy dork.

Just sit back and wait for her reply. You should be interacting with multiple girls anyways. So, when she takes 12 hours or more to reply to your text, you shouldn’t even notice because you’re juggling 5 other options.

Or better yet – spend your time at the gym or making money.

6) It’s okay if she flakes on your first date.

There’s a 50% chance that a girl will flake on your first date. Don’t overreact.

In fact, I highly suggest that whenever you schedule a first date, you schedule at least two at the same (or close to the same) time. If neither girl flakes, you can flake on the girl you like the least.

Or, even better, you can keep both dates (assuming none of them flake). Just start the second date right after the first date.

Basically, you’d be ending the first date at about 9:30, which is exactly the start time of your next date. You could plan for your second date to be at the bar next door (or heck, make it at the same bar as your first date).

Rest assured, women are ruthless in 2018. I know they have cute smiles, pretty long blonde hair, flat stomachs, and tight firm asses, while smelling like intoxicating peach and vanilla lotion, but don’t be fooled – they’re ruthless sharks.

They will flake on you and ghost on you the second you fuck up. The only way to overcome this is to become a more ruthless shark.

If she does indeed flake, just have fun with your second (or back-up) date. Then place the flaky girl in a follow up system where you fire off a random text about once or twice a week (timing is everything).

Most importantly – have fun. Treat this like an art form. Never be afraid to fail. Experiment with your own techniques. And please share any success stories or questions you have.



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