Do Looks Matter for Guys?

Can you be an ugly guy and still attract hot women?

The answer is complex.

First, you must understand what makes a woman want to date and/or bang a man.

What women find attractive in men:

– Masculine Facial Features.

This information comes from the book, Social Psychology for Dummies (specifically chapter 15, page 228). Women desire a man to have a wide, strong jaw and jutting forehead. Quite the opposite of the pre-pubescent facial features men desire in adult women. The wide/strong jaw and jutting forehead are features associated with high testosterone. And to a woman’s subconscious, those features indicate that a man is assertive and aggressive. Thus, he can protect and provide for her.

An example of a male with good facial symmetry, strong jaw, and jutting forehead.

– High Social Status.

In the US, among people aged 22-29 who do not have a college degree, there are 9.4 million single men, versus 7.1 million single women (click here to read the article).

It’s simple, women date/marry up.

Women don’t marry down.

Men don’t care about a woman’s status. In fact, I would argue that men, like myself, prefer to date down. I once dated a woman who just started her career as a surgeon. She worked late nights inside the emergency room treating victims of gunshot wombs. She was always stressed out, exhausted, and unhappy.

I’d much rather date the cute hispanic girl who works as a cashier at Popeye’s (my favorite place for fast food).

My goals are to become to a millionaire and help as many people as possible. I don’t have time to deal with a girlfriend who is always stressed due to her high demanding job as a surgeon. I just want a girl who will look hot, bang on the living room couch, kitchen table, and fuck in bed the very first thing in the morning. Most confident guys also feel this way.

Nonetheless, women demand high status from their male mates.
So, what can you do if you don’t have masculine facial features?

– Increase Your Status.

That’s what this entire blog is about.

All a guy has to do is decide to improve himself. This decision can be made right now.

Stop watching meaningless sports games on TV. Turn off the video game system. Quit the dumb, mediocre job that leaves you miserable. Go to the gym and get a little buff. Start your own business, or find a job that is your true calling. Educate yourself by reading good books. Find a mentor.

– Increase Your Testosterone Levels.

One of my first ever blog posts was on this very subject: “How to Feel More Like a Man”.

To recap a little: Don’t drink beer (it’s filled estrogen). Same goes for soy. Eat a lot of salmon and steak. Lift weights. Also, pay attention to your body language. Sitting up straight, taking up space, and standing in dominant positions can lead to your body producing more testosterone.

– Go to the Gym.

Studies have show that women are attracted to men with flat stomachs, v-shaped shoulders, and toned arms. Those are signs of health, which from an evolutionary perspective, are linked to good genes. Please note: women like toned arms, not bodybuilder, steroid/vein popping arms.
What if you have high social status, but low attractiveness or vise versa?

Understand that a woman will be attracted to different kinds of men during different times of the month.

Studies have shown that women are attracted to masculine/alpha features during when they are ovulating (click here to read the article).

A woman will only be ovulating for a few days each month. This is great news for men who are higher in status, but low in masculine attractiveness. When women aren’t ovulating, they care more about a man’s ability to provide and less about the quality of his genes.

The goal, obviously, should be for men to be high in both status and masculine attractiveness.
What if you’re both attractive and have high status, but still can’t get dates?

The number one factor that will help you meet a girl is proximity.

If you have to put yourself in an area where you have the ability to meet women. This could be a school, a job, some sort of club or group.

If you live in a town where the main attractions are the local Walmart and a family dinner – drop what you’re doing now and move!

Recently, I was helping a young man who hadn’t experienced much luck with women. He didn’t have a job. Needless to say, I strongly advised him to get a job at a restaurant. Even if it meant washing dishes.

Several years ago, I worked as a busboy for two months. I was around hot 20 year old waitresses all day. I banged two of them.

Last week, I was on a date with a former waitress from Applebees. She said, “When I worked there, everyone was fucking.”

You might be low in status if you’re a dishwasher at Hooters, but your proximity level is off the charts.

Put yourself in a position of good proximity to hot chicks. Otherwise, nothing else matters.
Go out there and live a kick ass life where jump out of bed everyday, do what you love while your muscles are still sore from the gym the day before, and neighbors complain because your hot girlfriend is so loud.


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