Why a Girl Will Ghost and How to Respond

What do you do when a girl suddenly ghosts on you after a successful first date? How should men deal with setbacks and failure?

A few weeks ago, I fucked up.

I met a girl off Tinder. She was 25, long blonde hair, a former competitive college cheerleader, a firm booty that fit her 5’2 body perfectly (and would fit the palm of my hand even better), and a surprising nice set of perky boobs.

Before we even met, she was texting me messages that said,”I hope you’re having a great day,” and sending me pictures and videos of her while she was at work.

The date was going even better. She was grabbing my foreman, future projecting things her and I would do together, laughing at jokes of mine that weren’t even funny.

As I walked her back to her car, I pushed her up against a brick wall in an alley. I slide my tongue into her mouth. And she, of course, slide her tongue into my mouth.

After our passionate kiss in the alley, we finally made it to her car. I pressed her body into mine and began spooning her again. I was the one who broke away.

When I returned home, I already had a message from her to thank me.

My horrible reply text soon after our 1st date. Way too much validation given.


My mistake?

I thought I had her in the bag. My text message (above) implied way too much that I liked her and couldn’t wait to see her again (we had made plans for date number 2 during the 1st date).

Technically, this wasn’t the worst way in the world to respond. This is 2018, however, and even average girls with chubby bellies and a kid at home are getting thousands of guys who “swipe right” for their profiles. We live in a world where a girl who is a 7, thinks like she is a 12.

Never, I repeat never, give a girl a huge dose of validation. Especially if you haven’t stuck your dick inside her yet.

Needless to say, this girl went cold on me. She is currently in my “follow up system” and receives a weekly text from me (usually on Wednesday mornings). She didn’t respond in week number one of my follow. But did respond in week number two. In fact, she replied twice to me in week number two, but then went cold again.

Am I upset by this negative turn of events?

Hell no. This was a huge blessing.

Every negative is a chance to turn something into a positive. This experience reinforced the belief in me never to give a my validation.

Great advice from 50 Cent from the book, The 50th Law, by 50 Cent and Robert Greene.

The girls of the 2018 Tinder/ social media/inflated ego world, are ruthless.

So, I’ve been upping my ruthlessness too. With even hotter girls. See these Tinder messages below:

This is an example of the correct way to text message (or Tinder message) a girl while giving her no validation, and making her chase.
More from the same Tinder message exchange. No validation and making her chase.

My failure, no matter how tiny it may have been, has now been turned into a reminder that has made me even stronger (and my dick much happier).

Always remember – it’s 2018, not 1949. Never validate a girl that you wish to have sex with.


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