How to Use Tinder When Vacationing in a New City

How and when do you turn a Tinder conversation overtly sexual? If you’re in a new city for only one night and you new to strike quickly and hard on Tinder.

Fire off sexually aggressive Tinder messages like you’re Tom Brady throwing strikes to the end-zone at the end of the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

This past Saturday, I made a sudden decision to escape a mid-April ice-storm in Buffalo, NY. I packed a bag and quickly drove off 3 and ½ hours away to an 80 degree Pittsburgh, PA.

I didn’t ask anyone to go with me. I didn’t want anyone holding me back. I’m confident in my own ability to make things happen.

I find that when I go on sudden adventures by myself, I feel forced to leave my comfort zone. And by feeling compelled to take action outside of my comfort zone, I find more success.

Like Jacqueline. A 26 year-old, darked haired nurse. 26 is a little old for me, but her perfect C-cup boobs attached to her petite body suit my tastes just fine.

Here’s my first message to her after we matched on Tinder:

My Tinder opener in action.

As you can see, she’s gave a quick indicator of interest, “Perhaps I am both.”

I responded with this:

This line I stole from a female’s profile. I now use it to my benefit when I message other girls.

I got the idea for the “mom/neighbor” line from a Tinder profile written by another girl I matched with a few days earlier. She wrote, “Your mom will love me, but your neighbors will hate me.”

I messaged that girl, but she never responded. All good though. She provided me enough help.

You can see how much Jacqueline enjoyed this line. It will now be a regular part of my arsenal.

And this should show everyone to constantly be keeping your eyes open for good material. Whether it’s on some random girl’s Tinder profile or you over hear two dudes in a public bathroom stall discussing a success story with a chick.

Constantly be on the lookout for good materials. And then – use it.

Other Tinder tips for when you’re in a new city for only 1 night:

– Make sure you note in your first sentence in your Tinder profile that you’re only in “Pittsburgh” for one night. Some girls might not even read your profile, but you need to at least make the effort. And actually, chances are high you’ll attract girls who are looking for a no strings adventure with a guy they’ll never see again.

– Pay the money to use the Tinder boost feature. The Tinder boost feature makes your Tinder profile more visible by more girls for 30 minutes. Essentially, you’ll get more matches. It costs $24.99 for 10 boost, $14.99 for 5 boosts, and $1.99 for 1 boost. I used 4 boosts total on my night out in Pittsburgh. Oh, if you’re playing with Tinder at all, pay the $29.99 for the Tinder Gold membership. You’re not serious about winning if you don’t pay for Tinder Gold. It allows you to immediately see who has swiped right on you. This way you don’t have to spend much time tiring out your thumb swiping. You literally can let boost run,, put your phone back in your pocket, and take it back out to check on your matches after 30 minutes.

– Make sure you don’t accept matches from ugly chicks. Not understanding the Tinder algorithm is like trying to drive a car when you can’t see. If you swipe right on ugly chicks, the Tinder algorithm will think you’re a short, chubby virgin.

– Play to win. Take chances. Enough said.




    1. Interesting thought. Thank you for sharing. In your opinion, should real women then refrain from wearing makeup, push-up bras, etc? Or should sexy only cum naturally for men?


  1. C’mon no make up already…that’s like saying men shouldn’t shower, comb their hair, or wear cologne. Of course men AND women should groom themselves. But for fucks sake, if they need to borrow pick up lines, they obviously don’t have shit for personality. Women won’t hang out for too long. Oh wait, I forgot you’re just teaching the art of how to get laid on Tinder, my bad. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Astute observations. I appreciate the feedback and comments, thank you. I do, however, disagree that make-up is along the same lines as taking a shower. I agree though that men need a strong personality to be successful with women. That’s why I have several posts on my blog and videos on my Instagram to help guys become more confident about who they are (in addition to my Tinder/dating advice). Also, even if you’re a guy and have a dynamic personality, it’s extremely difficicult for that to be seen on Tinder. Attractive women are bombarded with my messages from thirsty horny guys. Plus, texting/dating apps is still a very new form of communication for the human species. Not surprisingly, most people haven’t learned an effective way to communicate on these mediums. I also advise guys to attempt their own social experiments by trying their own Tinder openers/pick-up lines and text messages. But there’s nothing wrong with taking a pointer and incorporating it into your own Tinder game – if it allows a girl to open up and be willing to see your real personality. That all said, I don’t expect women to understand what it’s like for a guy who is faced with approaching 100% and risking constant rejection or become a life long virgin. Much like I don’t expect men to understand what it’s like for a women who is faced constantly with issues pertaining to beauty.


      1. If you’re that sexy and have a great personality, ya don’t need the Tinder app; or any app. You can get laid in the real world, because you ARE a chick magnet. Before Tinder….guys got laid 😘


      2. I totally agree. Tinder is just one tool of many guys can use. It has advantages and disadvantages. In person game is a better route, in my opinion. That said, never hurts to live in abundance and put yourself out there in various spaces.

        Liked by 1 person

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