Get Her to Chase You Via Text Messaging

Have you ever noticed that the harder you chase a girl, the harder it is to get her to like and respond to you? The good news is that there is a technique you can use when text messaging to get her to chase you.

It’s human nature for a girl to want what she feels is of higher status than she is.

Women marry up (or date up). Men don’t.

Unless of course, the woman hasn’t played her cards right. If she is at the age where she her face is wrinkled and hair is grey, she’ll likely settle for a dorky guy who has no friends, a bulging gut, lasts less than a minute during sex, and gets bossed around at work with no sign of ever passing the $60k salary amount.

We know that women expect us men to always be the initiators. So, how do we initiate without coming across as lower status than she is?

Always remember: blame everything on her (*in a playful/teasing way*).

Here’s an example:

Frame control text message example. I make it “her fault.”

As you can see from the text conversation shown above, my goal was to make her feel that my fantasies of being naked and wet with her in the steamy shower, were due to her manipulation and seduction.

Rest assured, I was thinking about her naked body in the shower with water dripping off her boobs the second I met her. I didn’t need a text message from her to put those thoughts in mind.

Here’s another screen shot from an earlier text conversation (I had previously sent a text discussing a possible cruise we’d take together in the future):

Text message example: Make sure you blame on her when it really is her fault.

This time, she clearly was instigating attraction. In cases like this, it’s even more important to call her out, and blame everything on her.

If she sends you a hot pic (nude or just showing a ton of cleavage and long tanned legs in a short skirt), blame her for distracting you. Tell her she is “in big trouble now.”  Let her know there are “consequences for bad behavior like this.”

What won’t spark any attraction would be if you were to reply to her photo text showing her in her small tight bikini by texting, “Thank you,” or “OMG so beautiful!” If anything, you’d repel her quicker than a devil who sees a holy cross.

Keep in mind – the “blaming it on her” technique works just as well in person. I’m giving you screenshots of text messages because I don’t having any videos to share. Whether in person or via text messaging, you want to always convey the frame that she is chasing you.  

If you’re truly of a real low status, but are motivated to be better, fake it until you make it.

Start “blaming her” in your interactions with girls today.

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