How to Love Yourself More

The reason you were told, “No,” for the promotion you wanted at work, and/or by the girl you wanted to date, is because you don’t love yourself enough.

Why should someone else love or value you when you don’t value yourself?

Society doesn’t want you to love yourself.  They want you to be dumb so you can’t figure out how you’re being manipulated by mass media.  They want you to be dependent on things like watching sports teams.  You live vicariously through these teams so you’re distracted as they slowly take away your rights.  And most of all – society never wants you to figure out that you’re amazing and capable of changing the world – because if you figured that out, you’d be one less employee who’d willingly be a slave.

This guy is a clear example of a dumbed-down American male.  He’s capable of much more in life, but totally distratced by things that don’t matter.

Mass media is relentlessly hammering you with you messages on why you’re a helpless victim unable to do anything for yourself.  Keep your head down, and make enough to get by. This way you can drink your beer and eat your Big Mac on your couch on your day off  as you watch meaningless football games while your belly gets so big you can longer see your dick when you stand up.

Americans spend almost 10 hours a day consuming mass media.

Let that sink in.

Imagine if you did love yourself.  What would you be doing?  You wouldn’t have a belly so big that you couldn’t bang a hot girl.  

Instead you’d happily spend 12 hours a day building your dream business (or at your dream job).  Your free time would be spent traveling the world on private jet while a scantily clad dressed, exotict 20-year-old model is sits to your left, and a 21-year-old tall blonde model, is seated to your right.  You’d self-educate yourself on books by the most successful Americans of all-time, like Ben Franklin – giving yourself more knowledge than anything that is taught at universities today.

You wouldn’t be spending 10 hours a day consuming mass media.  That’s for sure.  

You’re caught dead center in their trap.  But that’s okay. You can get out. I got out a little over 2 years ago, so I know for sure that you can too.  

The first step is that you have to begin to truly love yourself.

Get a notebook out and make a list of at least 10 compliments that other people have given you.  As you recieve more compliment, add to your list.   

Here is my list (of my first 10 compliments that I’ve received from my list):

  1. You’re passionate
  2. You’re very fit
  3. You have great confidence
  4. “Are you Vin Diesel?” (this was from kids on their bikes, but still)
  5. I love your sexy lips
  6. You’re so energetic
  7. You have a funny choice of words that you use
  8. You have a nice butt
  9. You’re so ambitious
  10. You work hard

Then in the middle of that notebook, start a new list.  This will be a list of the 30 things you like most about yourself.  And just like the list of compliments from others, add to this list constantly as well.  

Here is my list (of my first 10 reasons why I like myself):

  1. I’m a free thinker
  2. I’m a risk taker
  3. I’ve never been married
  4. I’m creative
  5. I’m able to be happy being by myself
  6. I exercise regularly and I’m fit
  7. I read books that self-educate me
  8. I eat healthy
  9. I compliment other people
  10. I learn from my mistakes

Read these lists when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed.  The great majority of our dumbed down society that spends 10 hours a day in front of mass media wakes up reading Facebook posts about people being gunned down, and women marching while weasel-looking anchors scream how terrible men are – because that’s what CNN and mass media has decided needs to be embedded inside your brain.  

But you’re different.  You’re amazing. Let the fat guy with man-boobs who paints his face and beer-belly with the colors of “his” team, while he cheers like an idiot at meaningless games, hate himself.  You love yourself which is why everyday you add to and read your list of compliments and reasons why you like yourself.

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