First Messages to Send on Tinder

Isn’t it frustrating to match on Tinder with a cute blonde 20-year-old who is showing off her great cleavage, but then have no idea what first message to send?

Or, have you ever sent a first message on Tinder only to receive no reply or be deleated?

Sending a boring first message on Tinder is like having a 60-year-old beer bellied softball pitcher throw underhand picthes to a jacked-up/steroid taking Barry Bonds.

A girl I just met after matching on Tinder told me that the most common first messages she receives are, “What do you want me to do?” and, “What would you like to do?”

If you send crappy first messages like that, you’ll get ignored or deleted quicker than a steroid taking Bonds would jack a homer off the underhand fat guy pitcher.

But you’re smarter than that.  That’s why you’re reading my blog.  

You basically have two options: 1) Go for comfort building right away, or 2) Get edgy.

It’s a good idea to look over her pictures and her profile (if she wrote anything).  You want to asses her “personal profile.”  By that I mean – is she down to be spanked by Daddy, or is she looking for a guy to take her on a date.

Remember – women in all cultures are viciously and unfairly shamed if they are too overtly sexual.  Platforms like Tinder allow them to reveal more of their inner dirty fantasies because it feels more anonymous since it isn’t face to face.

Even still, some girls might still write, “Not looking for a hook-up so don’t even try,” in their profile.

Rest assured they might still very much want you to pin them up against a wall, but they still feel pressures from society to protect themselves from unfair “slut shaming.”

And, “Not looking for a hook-up so don’t even try,” is exactly what the cute 23-year-old blonde with a thick booty, from this Tinder exchange wrote in her profile:

An example of a good comfort building Tinder opener designed to “hook” the girl, entertain, and engage.

I assessed what I thought her “personal profile” was and opted for the more comfort building approach opener of, “Will you marry me?”

This opener is meant to be witty and is an easy hook to keep the girl engaged.  You can then take this opener in many directions. For example, you can role play your honeymoon.  Or you can pretend to have a divorce and then make-up sex. Use your imagine and take it in the direction that feels right.  Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to take risks.

Generally speaking, the, “Will you marry me,” opener had about a 75% reply rate for me.  Some resulted in better interactions than others, but keep in mind you’ll never bat 1,000%, no matter how good your opener is.

And FYI – on my first date with “Miss Don’t Even Try a Hook-Up w/ Me,” (from above)  she revealed that she kisses other girls, wants to have a 3-sum, and said “Really I can only fuck older guys because they’re the only ones who know what to do.” 

Here’s a text message sent from “Miss Don’t Even Try a Hook-Up” about a week after our first date:

A good edgy text message exchange, and an example of a girl who fears “slut shamming” from society so she’ll put “No hook-ups” in her profile even though that’s what she seeks.

Turns out, all she is a fuck buddy and booty call.  She works as a nurse during night hours so really hook-ups are ideal for her.  Keep this in mind as you navigate the Tinder world.

Your other option is to get edgy right from the get go.  Here’s an example:

An edgy Tinder opening message.

A mistake that I was making on Tinder was that I was operating too much with comfort building openers.  Yes, I was getting reponses. But too many interactions weren’t going where I wanted them to. Or, I was building great comfort, but then I failed to get edgy when it was needed.

Girls are desperately seeking a man with balls.  The human species in general is bored. And women especially have fantasies and strong sexual desires contrary to the contradictory massive social conditioning.  As long as your edgy open is good, you’re good.

It’ll help too if you work out and eat healthy and can show off a nice toned body and a healthy, confident smile in your photos.  

Remember – just like with comfort building openers, your edgy openers also will never have a 1,000% success rate.

Then there will be times you go for comfort, but the girl surprises you with an edgy response.  Take this interaction for example:

An example of a girl going edgy on Tinder after I went for comfort.

Have fun on Tinder, never be boring or average, take risks, and never be afraid to try something new.  


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