Choose Freedom Over Fear

On Monday morning, do you pick your head off your pillow, throw your covers off, jump out of bed, and rush to get started doing something you love?

Recently as my thumb was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw a post that almost brought a tear to my eye.  In the middle of a sunny Sunday afternoon, a friend posted, “Dreading going into work tomorrow.”

The very next day, another friend posted, “Just trying to get through Monday.”

Why do people spend most of their lives with anxiety running through their bodies and go into a job that they know they’re not meant for?  Surely, everyone has their own unique passions.  Why don’t they pursue those?  After all, we only have 1 shot at this thing we call life – that we know of.

The answer is – Fear.

Anyone who isn’t jumping out of bed on Monday, thanking their lucky stars their alive, and moving with enthusiasm to crush their day must what they’re doing immediately, and buy and read The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard.

Chapter 2 from The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard.

In chapter 2 of Burchard’s book, he discusses fear in detail.  I live by Burchard’s words in that chapter, “Fear wins or freedoms wins.”

I often hear people discuss the horrors of slavery in American history.  Slavery by force is indeed terrible.  The Civil War, which ended enforced slavery in America, shed more blood on Americans than any war in history.  So why is self-imposed mental slavery thriving today?

When I was in 1st grade, I remember telling my Dad I was going to be a baseball player when I grew up.  He patted me on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and said, “You’ll never be a baseball player.  Don’t even try.  The best thing for you to do is just get a college degree.  You’ll be fine if you do that.  If you try anything else, you might be cleaning toilets for the rest of your life.”

Fear is drilled into us at any early age.  Even if it doesn’t come from parents, rest assured the school system and friends will surely enforce the training of fear.

Burchard wrote, The worriers around us today are often the biggest threat to inflaming our fear.  They are the most likely to steal our motivation and destiny because they often to be our friends.

Do you think my Facebook friends who spend all weekend shaking in their boots about returning to jobs they hate on Monday have ever expressed interest to their friends about walking into work and quitting?

Our friends, even if it’s subconsciously, don’t want to watch us live amazing lives enjoying our passions while their drowning in their cubicle.  If others see us moving through our lives with excitement, passion, and joy, it serves as a reminder to them of their own self-imposed slavery.

The next time you pass a cemetery, look at the endless lines of forgotten tomb stones.  Who were those people?  It’s as if they never even lived.   The real fear that people should be experiencing is the fear of dying without a trace you were here.

Sadly, no one has a clue who these people were.

As Burchard points out, people willfully exit the world with no trace mostly because they lived with a fear of loss.  But close your eyes and think deeply.  Is the loss you’re afraid of really something you don’t have anyways?

Messages that remind us to remain fearful are hammering us everywhere we look – social media, television, family gatherings, and social events with our friends.  To combat these constant attacks, I made a poster that is tapped in my living room which simply says, “Fear or Freedom.”

What do you choose – fear or freedom?

This is the sign/poster I made for my living room.

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