Video Games are Destroying Men

Video games are killing young men.  Don’t worry though, I know how to fix the problem of video game addiction in young men.

When I was in college, my heart would break as I would walk by the video game room where dozens of men in their early 20s huddled as they gazed at the big screen TVs while their finger vigorously pressed on the buttons on their controller.  They were hypnotized zombies.

Men pursue the “next thing” in video games and thus their inclination to pursue real life risks and challenges goes down dramatically.

Once I asked one of the zombie-like men in the college video game room what his plans were after graduation.  He said, “Well, I really don’t want to work.  So, I’ll probably just go to graduate school.”

Hmmm.  So, more school, more debt, more video games and no real goals and achievements.  Sounds like an excellent plan.

The demographic that should be in an uproar over the video game addiction in men is women ages 18-30.  If changes in these men don’t happen soon, you’ll see a majority of the 18-30 year old women growing old in a bed they share only with a bunch of cats.  

Point blank – 95% of women are sleeping with 5% of men.  And video games are partly to blame.

These aren’t getting laid anytime soon.  And they’ll be achieving little real world success.

I was once addicted to video games.  I used to spend all entire weekends locked inside my apartment playing Madden.  I’d play entire seasons and even win the “Super Bowl.”  After 40 hours of endless play, arthritis in my hand, and eyes that were seeing stars, I was awarded with a graphic of a “Super Bowl” trophy.  Above it said, “Congratulations.”  I felt dead inside.

It shouldn’t be a shock that during my video game faze I also was only having sex with my right hand.  Studies have shown that playing video games causes a drop in testosterone.  Low testosterone = low sex drive.

Are video games another reason why men today have lost so much testosterone that the previous generations had?  Millions of guys love playing Call of Duty.  Why don’t they just join the real military?  

In fact, if I had a son who was 18, I’d strongly advise him to join the military.  18 year old men aren’t mature enough to know what they want to pursue in life.  Even worse is that the college system fosters more video game playing and educates mostly on how great socialism and feminism are.  

By joining the military, a young man gets to the real life experience of Call of Duty, access to the GI Bill (which pays for college and gives veterans a housing allowance while they attend school) if he chooses to use it, physical fitness which will boost his testosterone, and positive male role models for guidance.  

Comparing a 24 year old military veteran college student to a 20 year old video game addicted college student is like Lebron James playing basketball against me.  

Here are some more healthy alternatives to video game playing:

  • Build some muscles at the gym.  Release some serotonin in your brain and give hot girls something to put their hands on.
  • Read books and educate yourself.  Motivational speaker and self made success, Les Brown said that if you read 1 book a month on a subject for 5 years, you’ll become an expert in that field.  
  • Pursue your passions.  Take risks and build your own business.  The economy is booming.  Self made billionaire Dan Pena always says, “What are you going to tell your grandchildren when they ask what were you doing during this great economic boom period.”  Keep in mind, it’s okay to fail.
  • Meet a hot girl and have sex with her.  Safe sex is healthy.  You’ll feel a lot better after steamy sex as you lay sweaty next to a skinny, cute 20 year old blonde than you would after winning the “Super Bowl” in Madden.
  • Travel.  See the world and all that it has to offer.  There are some amazing places.  You’re only on this planet for so long.  Don’t miss out!

If you’re a parent, please think twice before you buy your son video games.  If you’re a women 18-30, please help spread the word on the how bad video games are, or else you’ll wasting a lot more money on decades of cat food.  And if you’re a guy – get out there are enjoy life.

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