The Right Way to Ask a Girl Out on Tinder

Is there a correct way to ask a girl on Tinder out?  How do you compete against the herd of thirsty men who are also sending the same girl messages?  

Yes, there is a correct way.  And I will share with you how you can stand out so the girl sees you as a man of higher value.

First, however, you must be aware that the asking a girl on Tinder out is always a prerequisite for getting her number.  You ask for her number only because you already have a date planned with her.  If you ask for her number with no date planned, you come across as a bored nerd who is a virgin and is looking for a pen pal.

It’s always a good idea early in the interaction to begin with a role play.  It builds comfort, gets the girl thinking about you, and visions of the role play will stick in her memory.  Click here to watch my Youtube video from yesterday where I explain key Tinder fundamentals, including role play.

Look at this interaction I had yesterday with a hot 24 year old nurse with amazing boobs on Tinder:


She loves the light hearted humor.  Don’t get so caught up in basic biography questions that put girls to sleep like, “What do you do for fun?”   She’ll delete you quicker than she calls the police on a stalker who is watching her through her window.


I then transition into a role play of our first date (see the above picture).  Notice that I assume this date will happen.  By me telling her that I will kiss her immediately after our first date, her mind will begin to imagine us kissing.  This is powerful.  Suddenly I become I become a guy that she fantasies about kissing.  

It also shows my clear intent – I’m here to have fun, make out with you, and possibly more.  Have you ever been caught in the friend zone?  It’s because you didn’t show intent right away.

Notice too though, that I end it by saying, “Assuming ur as nice & cool in person.”  Are you willing to kiss any girl after a date?  I’m not.  She needs to know that she has to win me over.  This is known as qualification, and this is the key to asking a girl out on Tinder.

You must qualify her before you ask her out.  Otherwise you’re just a horny dude who is desperate and willing to stick your penis in any drunk girl who stumbles out the bar at 2AM with her belly popping out her shirt and liquor stains running down her jeans.

Here is my reply to her basically asking me out:


Question #1 must be answered with a, “Yes,” or else question #2 becomes irrelevant.  My time is valuable.  I’m a high value man.  Yes, God blessed her with amazing boobs, but she isn’t the only female to receive such amazing gifts from God.

You must learn that women only have sex with men with that they perceive as being of a higher value than they are.  You don’t see too many Playboy models sleeping with guys who play video games and live in their mom’s basement, do you?

Question #2 needs to be addressed, assuming question #1 is a, “Yes,” because you must continue leading the interaction.  

With girls I’m already dating, I know their schedules.  You’ll see in some of my previous blog posts, screenshots of text messages where I text, “Don’t make plans on Friday, I’m taking you out.”  

It’s better to jump off of bridge than it is to send a text to a girl which says, “Do you think Saturday night is a good night or do you prefer Monday night?”  

So, now I know she is cool, and I know Friday and Saturday nights work best for her.  Here is my response:


Always pick the day and time after you know the basics of her schedule.  Our date is 6 days away, which isn’t ideal.  The more time in between the setup of the date and the actual date, the more likely she is to flake.  

That is why I remind her, or “hook her” with the idea that she will get more “flirty” texts from me.  I honestly perceive myself as being in the top 1% of all male texters in the world.  This is a huge treat for her.  So, I doubt she’ll flake.

Just to be safe though, I’m scheduling another date for Friday at the same time.  I’ll flake on whichever one doesn’t flake on me, or comes off as lower value to me.

In her last message to me, she gave her number.  I didn’t need to directly ask for it.  

And no, I didn’t text her right away.  And no, I didn’t tell her when I’ll text her.  She sent her phone number to me late on Saturday night.  It’s Sunday morning as I type this blog.  I plan to text her this afternoon.  She doesn’t need to know that.  I’m letting her wonder.  I want the dorky guy who sends the, “Hey, how are you?” texts to bombard her this morning as she rolls her eyes reading his texts wishing texts from me would pop up on her phone.

Always remember – you’re higher value than she is and she must qualify herself before you ask you out on Tinder (or anywhere else really).


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