Seduction 101

One of the fastest ways to destroy any attraction a girl has for you is to become too available.  Have you ever over-texted a girl, called her too much, or somehow always found a way to be where she is?

Always remember this – women want to fantasize.  Don’t ruin this for them by revealing your entire life story.  Leave them wondering.

Unless you’re a Catholic priests or nun, you must read  The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.  This blog is motivated by chapter 12 of part 2 of the book – “Poeticize Your Presence.”


You’ve been lied to.  You’ve been told since you first kneeling in front of your parent’s television watching Saturday morning cartoons that there was some special person out there “just for you.”  I call this the “soul mate myth.”  There isn’t one girl out there for you.  There are many, potentially millions of girls, out there for you – but you must create the attraction.

Doing the corny stuff that you saw Ben Stiller do in movies like There’s Something About Mary might work in your average chick-flick, but not in the real world.  In his movie, Ben Stiller might be able to get the girl by showing constant attention and always being around, but that will only make a girl call the police on you and file stalking charges on you in the real world.

Green wrote, “Familiarity destroys seduction.”  

Several years ago when a girl would ask me what I did for a living, I used to rattle off minute by minute what my work day consisted off.

Guess what?  I also used to never get laid – especially when I rambled on about junk like that.

Recently, a girl that I met online, and gaming quite well via text message, sent me a text canceling our upcoming date because she “just realized” she knew nothing about me (see the following photos below to see the exact text message exchange).  



“Duh,” I said to myself.  Of course she knew nothing.  My goal was to seduce her, not tell her my life story.

I treated her cancellation text message as a “shit test.”  Subconsciously she wanted to see if I was going to be like every other guy in the world who is anti-seducer and cave in and rattle off their life story in fear of the date being cancelled.  She had to “shit test” me like this because I was coming across as too good to be true.

Obviously I didn’t buckle and within minutes our date was back on.

Greene wrote, “Your targets cannot idealize you if they know too much about you, if they start to see you as all too human.”

During our date I revealed more about myself.  But I was careful to mostly give hints, and even at times make her guess.

“Soon after we fall under a person’s spell, we form an image in our minds of who they are and what pleasures they might offer,” Green wrote.

I don’t know exactly where my date’s imagination headed with the hints I dropped and guessing I made her do.  But I do know that immediately after our date she invited me back to her house.  Which, she prefaced with a polite, “Please.”

Greene also suggested that we can also lose attraction by being around too little.  So, a good idea to associate yourself with something in her memory so when she sees a certain object or thing, she thinks of you.

Recently, a girl who I just met was driving me (I didn’t have my car…normally I always drive), and I saw an opportunity to stay in her in mind.  We passed a street crossing.  There was half a dozen mediocre looking sheep-like humans just standing aimlessly waiting for the street sign to light up signaling it’s okay for them to cross.

I told her, “This is how you can tell you will be successful in life and who won’t.  Every time you see people waiting at a street crossing light, remember they will never succeed in life.  They are people who are okay waiting, not taking chances, and they follow the herd.”  

Not only did it give me a good opportunity to convey value, demonstrate that I’m a leader, but most importantly – the next time she passes a street crossing with mindless pedestrians waiting for their permission to cross, she’ll think of me and all the value I dropped on her.  

Her thinking of me in that way is much more powerful than me texting her, “Hey, good morning.  What are you up to?”

The next time you want to send some hot girl you know a text saying, “Hey,” or you want to magically find yourself in the same the shopping mall where she works, please remember this blog.


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