Online Dating Tips for Women

After I posted my online dating tips for men, I noticed many female blogs concerning online dating.  Since I’ve experienced hundreds of interactions online with women and dozens of dates, it’s valuable that I share my online dating advice for women – from my male point of view.

My goal is to see thousands of more men and women holding hands, kissing in public, and ripping off each other’s shirts.  I want the sea of frustrated people, who are pounding their fists over how frustrating online dating is, to wake up in their bed with their arms around their new lover.

I want every person who’s online dating to be like this

Here are my online dating tips for women:

1 – Post multiple pictures:

A major difference between men and women is that men are more visual.  This isn’t to say that you have a skinny, pale, stick figure.  I know guys who are attracted to midgets.  Other guys I know are only think women over 200 pounds are hot.  But if you only have one small close up face picture, no guy is going to be able to see if you’re the type he likes or not.

Also, be honest and post recent pictures.  Women lying about their body size happens just as much as men lying about their height and income.  Eventually the other person will find out and will be too disappointed to allow themselves to like and trust the real you.

2 – Leave  politics out of it:

Since 2016 I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in female profiles that list something like, “If you voted for Trump, don’t message me.”  Why do you care who someone voted for and what reasons they had for doing so?  I know very few straight men from all races who voted for Hillary.  So, you’re severely limiting your options.  It also comes across as very authoritative which unattractive to guys who share your politics.  Life is so much better when you free yourself from the tense frustrating energy of politics.

If you feel so strongly about politics that you must dictate who your potential dates vote for, I suggest you spend less time dating and instead run for office yourself, work for a campaign, or volunteer for whatever causes you believe in.

Wouldn’t life be boring if everyone agreed on everything?

3 – Don’t play hard to get:

If you’re not interested, just say so.  Or block the guy.  But never play hard to get if you’re doing so as a strategy to get a guy to like you more.  Here’s a rule to remember: When men play hard to get with women, it works, but when women play hard to get with men, it repels men.  I don’t know why this is apart of human nature, but I can attest to it being true after experiencing hundreds of interactions online.

A few weeks ago I was interacting with a woman online.  She kept sending me long, detailed messages of her day.  She then wrote, “I can’t believe you haven’t asked for my number yet.”  So, I messaged her to shoot me her number and I’d set up a time for a date.  She then turned to the “hard to get” game plan and messaged something about me potentially pranking her if she gave me her number.  I wasn’t amused.  Any high value guy doesn’t have time to play games like that.  As men, we’re expected to always be the ones who ask the number, send the first message, etc.  So, if you’re interested, stop making us jump through more hoops.  I ended up ignoring her message and moved on.  She sent me two more additional messages checking up on me, but my interest level was more extinct than the dinosaurs.  

4 – Use shit tests, but know when to stop:

An example from my phone of a shit test

A shit test is when a female, usually subconsciously, says something to a guy that is meant to test if he’ll react emotionally or not.  Many people believe shit testing is hardwired into the brains of females to protect them.  

Back in the days when our ancient ancestors lived in caves, a woman needed to develop a strategy for finding out if a man was a tough as he said he was.  If our great grandmas times five thousand didn’t shit test potential male sexual partners, they risked being pregnant and stuck in a cold cave while they starved because the unborn baby’s father couldn’t kill the animals needed to eat.  

So, if a potential male mate can’t handle a small tease by a woman, how can he handle the wild ride of life, and even more importantly – what does that say about the genetics of any potential unborn baby?

Shit tests are good.  I train all males that I coach to treat shit tests as a huge compliment.  It means the woman has begun to see the male as a potential partner.  If she didn’t like the guy, she’d have no need to shit test.  It’s when the shit tests become endless that it becomes a problem.  

The most common shit test I receive on online dating is, “Do you use that line on every girl,” or, “You seem like a real player.”  These shit tests are fine.  I usually respond with, “I only use that line on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” or “Actually I prefer to be called a male gigolo, thank you.”  

The playful banter that can result from shit tests is gone when it becomes excessive.  Recently a girl called me a, “Douchebag.”  I responded, “I’m only a douchebag 15% of the time.”  But honestly, I only replied so I could field test a good response.  My interest was gone.  She still texted me two more times asking for a date, but I told her things had “come up” and I was too busy now.

Whether you’re a male or female, I wish you great success in the dating world.  Let me know if you have any questions, or agree or disagree with anything I wrote.

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