How to Dominate Your Day

What’s the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning as you lay on your bed?  The first 20 minutes of your day is the most important.  Your subconscious mind is just waking up, and is thus is prime position to be feed with positivity.

Using your fist 20 minutes of your day to check your Facebook app to read the miserable posts from the sea of mediocrity such as, “Ugh, just trying to get through Monday,” is like filling up with water instead of gasoline before a long road trip.

An example from the sea of mediocrity that is trying to infect you.

It took me less than 30 seconds to find the above post on my Facebook feed.  And I only have about 200 Facebook friends.

Much of why we are the way we are is because of the subconscious programing of our brains that occurred when we were children.  We had no control over it.

Now we’re adults.  We do have control of our programming.  We have the first 20 minutes of our day.  So, why are we willing filling our brains with this crap?

Here are suggestions for the how to start your day:

  • Watch motivational videos on Youtube (I recommend these videos by Eric Thomas and Les Brown).
  • Listen to music that pumps you up.  Most music is filled with negative lyrics so try music without words like EDM music.
  • Stretch.  It’ll be hard to get the gym, unless you have a home gym, within 20 minutes, but you can certainly start stretching.
  • Read a list that you’ve already written containing all the things you like about yourself, your accomplishments, and/or all of the compliments you’ve received.
  • Have sex.  Keep in mind, I wrote, “Have sex,” not masturbate or watch porn.  Porn is destroying the minds of men.

So many people are drifting wherever the wind takes them in the morning.  I see them arriving to where they need to be late as they carry their brown McDonalds breakfast bag, bags under their eyes, tummies popping out of their shirt, and I hear their loud yawns as they say, “I’m tired.”  This is mediocrity at it’s finest, and it will search for anyone to blame for their failures other than themselves.

As I move about in the morning, I feel like a horse who has been given a head start halfway down the track.  I’d say this is an “unfair advantage” but anyone can have the same head start as me.  It’s a choice.

Here’s an example of a typical Monday morning for me:

Under my covers, I roll over and turn my iphone and watch Eric Thomas scream, “Thank Goodness It’s Monday!”

I then sit up and pound both of my feet on the floor as I begin walking with my spine straight like the back of my neck is connected to a kite, and I turn on my TV to watch more Eric Thomas or Les Brown on Youtube.

As I hear their loud and infectious voices I move to microwave some left over well-done steak and broccoli.  After two minutes in the microwave I take it to my living room with a glass of orange juice, water, and an organic banana to continue watching the motivational videos.  

Please note – don’t be afraid to eat dinner food for breakfast.  Do you fuel up your car before or after your road trip?

After I take my plate and glasses back to the kitchen, I powerfully walk to the bathroom with my headphones on as I listen to I Still Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion.  I start the water in the shower and brush my teeth.  In the shower, as warm water rinses off the soap on my fit body, I use positive self talk and outloud say things like, “Life is incredible,” and, “You’re awesome, JT.”

If you need help with positive self-talk, I recommend picking up this book: Positive Thinking Every Day by Norman Vincent Peale.

The more positivity your brain takes in, the better.

I head out the door to the gym.  After I slam my post workout chocolate milk drink down my throat inside the supermarket before I even buy it, I’m now officially naturally high – on life.  

At this point I’d have sex with life if I could.  Actually this is the closest thing to fucking life that there is.  

One final key point – be positive to every person you see.  This will make them and you feel better.  It’s actually only natural that you will be positive to others when you’re feeling naturally high like this.  It keeps the positive momentum moving.  Life is incredibly so share it with others.

I want you to dominate your morning and dominate your life!

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