Attract Women by Knowing Your Life’s Purpose

Countless men want to know what the secret is to attract beautiful women.  But you can’t attract women if your goal is to attract them.  You have to worry about you.  You must know your life’s purpose as man.

What is your life’s purpose?  Don’t worry, I didn’t discover my life’s purpose until two years ago.

I strongly recommend you read The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.  This should be a must read book for any male in high school (or college at the very least).  

The inspiration for this blog post comes from chapter 11 which it titled, “If You Don’t Know Your purpose, Discover It, Now.”

The Begining of chapter 11 of The way of the Superior Man

Prior to two years ago I was living for the weekend so I could bath my belly in beer.  I would muster the courage to talk to girls at the bar with wet spots on the upper part of my shirt from the beer that dripped from my mouth.  Alone in my apartment the next morning, my head hovered over the toilet as puked.  Then on Monday morning, I dragged myself out of bed, put on my tight dress shirt, slacks, and uncomfortable loafers to sit for 9 hours inside my narrow gray cubicle.  This cycle was on endless repeat.

I finally said, “Fuck it.”  I quit that job and started selling stuff on eBay.  

Deida wrote, If you don’t know your deepest desire, then you can’t align your life to it.  Everything in your life is dissociated from your core.  You go to work, but since it’s not connected to your deepest purpose, it is just a job, a way to earn money.  You go through your daily round with your family and friends, but each moment is just another in a log string of moment going nowhere, not inherently profound.”

Selling used clothes and sports memorabilia on eBay never has been my life’s purpose.  But, it allowed me the freedom to begin my journey to discovering it.

Around the second Monday morning after I began my new journey, I rolled out of bed feeling 50 pounds lighter.  Dark bags that used to be under my eyes were no longer there when I looked in the mirror.  The chains that were once around my ankles were gone.  I felt free to go anywhere.  I started noticing things that I never noticed before – birds chirping in the air, the amazing sound of wind, and how incredible the first stretch of the day is when you wake up in your bed with no worries.

I knew my purpose was to open up my own business.  I didn’t know what kind of business.  It’d be much more than selling on eBay.  

In the meantime, I devoted myself to the gym.  Now that I was my own boss I no longer had to check the clock after each set.  And yes, I started getting cocky and wearing t-shirts two sizes too small.

You must workout at the gym.  This isn’t up for debate.  If you have any desire to achieve anything other than mediocrity, you must exercise.  Not doing so is equivalent to having a Rolls Royce but never changing the oil, switching the tires, or even washing the car.  

Furthermore, it’s scientifically proven that working out makes you a happier person.

In the evening, I dedicated my time to educating myself through books like Deida’s, The Way of the Superior Man, with a yellow highlighter in my hand to ensure no key information would be forgotten.

Two years later I don’t recognize the person I see in old photographs.  The air that I breathe even tastes different.  

After all of this, I admit, it still feels weird when a random waitress puts her hand on my shoulder as she takes my order.  But all that girl and “game” stuff – while fun – is secondary to my life’s purpose.  Afterall, it wouldn’t even be possible if not for finding my purpose.

My mission is to help as many men possible so they no longer soak in the sea of mediocrity, and help them become the best versions of themselves possible.  

I recommend everyone to read Deida’s, The Way of the Superior Man.

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