Why Under Age 40 Men Shouldn’t Get Married

The worst thing a man under age 40 can do is get married.  And the worst thing a woman can do is marry a man in his 20s.

Men mature 11 years later in life than women.  Usually around age 43.

Let that fact sink in.

So, why on earth should a man in his 20s marry a woman who is at or around the same age in her 20s?

I understand though why some men do get married in their 20s.  When I was in my early 20s I was madly in love with the first girl who I had regular sex with.  I say, “in love,” but what I really mean is that I was suffering from temporary insanity.  

I was so addicted to the easy regular sex that once I drove 12 hours through the night with no sleep to see her.  I still remember being behind the wheel on the dark thruway as my eyes closed for a few seconds – and then suddenly I opened them as my heart began racing out of my chest.  I could’ve died, or killed someone.

Fast forward 10 years later.  She is married.  Out of curiosity I decided to look her up on Facebook last year.  

Yuck!  I wouldn’t go on a date with her today….well I take that back, I would go on a date with her today, but only if I was paid at least $1,000.  

I would’ve given my left arm to have married her 10 years ago.  I feel that I’ve won the lottery by virtue of the fact that I’m not the sad looking husband that’s pictured next to her in her newest Facebook photos.  

Here is all that I’ve been able to accomplish since I miraculously escaped the marriage trap in my 20s:

  • Graduated college with a bachelor’s degree
  • Best physical shape of my life, work out 4-5 times a week
  • Started an online business
  • Freedom to live and travel wherever I please
  • Read at least 3 books a month to self educate myself
  • Have dated many amazing women
  • Became a better sexual partner

When I’m in my 40s I might be ready to get married.  And if I’m ready, I will actually be able to provide for my wife and any children we have.  We won’t be struggling because I’ve spent the last decade becoming the best version of myself possible.  

And yes, if I do get married in my 40s, she will most likely be in her 20s.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Again, men mature 11 years later in life than women.

So many of my married guy friends always say, “Well, I would, but I gotta check with my wife.”

Did they marry their mom?  Guys like this live lives with lots of missed opportunities, regrets, and what-ifs.  All because they fell in the trap of marriage far too soon.

marraige pic

What if I did marry that girl from my early 20s?  She basically would’ve turned into my mother.  46% of women feel that they’ve had to “mother” men in relationships.  How do you think her being married to my reckless, sex addicted, beer drinking self would’ve made her feel?  

Outside of the fact that it’s much easier for men to urinate behind a tree than it is for a woman to, the other coolest part about being a man is that we don’t have a biological clock.  But, what good is not having a biological clock if we don’t take advantage of it?  It’d be like going to piss behind a tree and squatting when you don’t have to.

If you’re a guy and under 40 (or a woman with a guy under 40) and you’re thinking about getting married – please just stop and think carefully.  

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