2 Tips to Better Understand Body Language

Once you understand body language, you’ll feel like you have psychic powers.  You’ll be able to instantly tell:

  • If the person you’re speaking with self-confident
  • Does a girl have romantic interest in you

70% of communication is from body language.  But did any teacher ever tell you this in school?  

Before I break down specifics, you also must know that just sitting with your back straight, legs spread, and your arms stretched out, your body will begin producing more testosterone.  

An example of open male body language

In the picture above, I would’ve placed at least one arm over the top of a chair if I had one next to me.  The key is – take up space.  Women are subconsciously attracted to men who take up space.  This is a trait of alpha males.

So STOP crossing your ankles when you sit!

How can you tell if the person you’re speaking with is self-confident:  

Very insecure male body language

Notice how the man pictured above is covering his vital organs.  This all goes back to our great, great grandparents x2000 generations who lived in caves and chased wild animals so they could eat.  Our brains were being hardwired at the time, and covering up areas such as your front vital organs was a habit wired into our brains for protection.  No, we don’t live in caves anymore, but the wiring in our brains doesn’t know that.

A few months ago, I was at the gym and approached by a skinny 50 year old man who wore cargo camping shorts, tennis shoes from 10 years ago, and a shirt that said, “Myrtle Beach” across the front.  He looked at me and said, “Hey, quit jerking off on the machine.  Some people are here to work out.”

He clearly didn’t understand the concept of a 30-60 second rest inbetween sets.  I forgave him for his ignorance, and even laughed at him.  I knew his problem had nothing to do with me.  He most likely spent the previous 8 hours suffocating inside a cubicle, had a wife who hadn’t pleased him orally in about 10 years, and he was experiencing haunting flashbacks of when a bully gave him a butt wedgie 40 years earlier at this high school gym.

I stood straight placing both my hands on my waist, looked him directly in his eyes, and said, “Are you okay?”

He immediately resorted to crossing his arms over the upper part of his torso.  I walked away as his body language told me everything I needed to know.  

How to tell if a girl likes you:

A friend recently accused me of never getting turned down by girls.  I get rejected all the time.  I do, however, pay close attention to body language signals so my percentage of “No’s” has dropped as fast as a man with a hole in his parachute.  

The biggest thing to look for is where her feet are pointed.  The feet don’t lie.  They’re the furthest body part away from the brain.  So, subconsciously they will always be pointed in the direction she wants to go.  

A female sign that she is interested

This is why I almost always have my 1st dates at a bar (and I don’t drink much).  I know the date is going well when she is sitting on the stool next to me with her body pointed towards me, and her feet are planted on the bottom rail of my bar stool.  

Also, look for when she twirls her hair or plays with her necklace.  This usually means she is experiencing intense energy from your strong masculine behavior.  She needs to release it somehow, and she’ll do this with her hair or jewelry.  

Do you want to know when you should begin to think about going in for a kiss?  Pay attention to when she licks her lips.  She’ll subconsciously lick her lips when she wants to feel your wet lips and tongue in her mouth.

A huge positive signal she’s into is when she touches you – especially on your arm.  You’ll get more arm touches after you’ve put in the work at the gym and wear tight short sleeve shirts.  And you’ll be surprised when the girl who normally ignores you or is a bitch to you suddenly can’t stop randomly touching your arm when you’re out with a group playing pool at the bar.

Don’t worry – I’ll be doing more blogs on body language soon.  What questions do you have?


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