3 Tips on How to Text Message Girls

With a look of desperation in her eye, my single 20 year old female friend who is blonde, skinny, an either was blessed by God with incredible boobs or wears a thousand dollar push-up bra, said to me, “Yes, please write a book for guy’s on how to text.”

You’d cut off your pinky to date her.  But she’s single because she’s bombarded with desperate text messages from guys such as, “Hey, how are you?” and, “What are you doing right now?”

Texting has been around for only 20 years.  So, don’t feel bad if you haven’t mastered the art of texting.

In this day in age, if you don’t text girls you won’t get laid.  It’s that simple.  Not texting a girl is the equivalent to riding a horse in a carriage across country instead of taking a plane.  

So, if you’re okay with spending your Friday night’s with a bottle of vaseline and some kleenex, feel free to ignore the rest of this blog.  

If, however, you want to learn some basic tips that will help you immediately when texting girls, read the following 3 keys to messaging:

1- Be the Decision Maker:  

It’s suicide for getting laid if you ever ask a girl out on a date by asking her where she wants to go.  Girls expect you to make all of those decisions.  They want to be lead – even if that desire is hidden in their subconcious.  

A good way to ask out a girl via text

Look at the text message conversation above.  Imagine if I sent a text that said, “Are you free to go out on Friday night?”

She might have still gone out with me.  But any sexual tension would have left quicker than air leaves a balloon after it’s popped.  

2- Use Suspense:

You can also see how the same girl (from the texts above) loves the suspense I’m giving her with the texts that followed:

How to lead a text message conversation with a girl

And frankly, this fell into my lap.  Look at her text that said, “Is it a surprise?” in response to where I’m taking her.  Really I just hadn’t made up my mind on where I was taking her.  But I’m smart enough to have noticed that she wanted the suspense.  Otherwise she wouldn’t have asked if it was a “surprise.”  Much like you can read body language signals in person, take note of signals she sends via text.  

Remember that all girls love suspense, so even if though it fell into my lap here, use suspense whenever you can.  If she asks where you’re from, tell her to guess.  If she’s close to being right, tell her, “You’re hot,” or is she isn’t close tell her, “You’re cold.”  

3- Be Assumptive:

One of my all-time favorite authors, Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote, “Life consists of what man is thinking all day.”  So, if you act like you’re her boyfriend, she’ll treat you as such.  The text messages pictured below are from an exchange with a girl I had just met:

A good first text to send to a girl you just met

Imagine if my initial text instead said, “Hi, this is JT the guy you just met.”  None of her emotions would have been engaged.  She would’ve have either fallen asleep or deleted my text and blocked my number.  Hot girls don’t have time for boring, indecisive guys.

Assume every girl has won the lottery by getting a text from you.  There’s no need to nervously ask her, “Can I be your boyfriend?”  Just playfully call yourself her boyfriend.

I even sometimes refer to myself as the girl’s “husband.”  You can also pretend to have a little fight, just so you can then make-up (nothing is hotter to a girl than “make up sex”).

Also, take note of that little tease or shit test she gave me by calling me “dorky looking.”  Clearly, I can spot a shit test before it even happens.  So, I just doubled down and called myself “Prude,” and then refered to her as, “Hun.”

I’ll be doing a lot more posts on text messaging in future blogs where I’ll discuss shit testing and teasing at much greater length.  Plus, I’ll discuss using nicknames and role playing.  I’ll also screenshot more real life examples from my cell phones.  

Before you go, remember these two keys as well: 1) NEVER use more than 3 lines for a text (no more than 2 lines in optimal).  2) Always be the one to end the text exchange (this isn’t always possible, but do so as much as you can).  



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