You Deserve Hot Girls

Have you ever been on a date with a girl and knew you deserved better than her?

Don’t worry if you answered yes.  You’re not alone.

I used to purposely take girls on dates to dark bars that were hidden in the back of a small shopping plaza.  This way I didn’t have to worry about my face becoming blood shot red at the sight of someone I know.

You tell me….do we look good together?

I spent years sweating at the gym so I could feel my muscles bulge in tight shirts.  I ate the cleanest meals to give me energy to accomplish my goals throughout the day while others rested. 

When others were out filling their bellies with beer, I was on my couch with a yellow highlighter reading the books that millionaires read.

But for some reason I kept hearing the voice of myself from several years before.  Back when I was scrawny, unambitious, and cautious.  This voice kept saying, “You don’t deserve the best girls.”

Over the last few years that voice has slowly faded.  No longer will you see me out at a bar sitting next to a chubby 5.  I’ve re-wired my brain to tell me – I deserve the best.

The key is this – you have to have standards.  You deserve the type of girl you want.  Period.

Write down on paper exactly the criteria you want in a girl.  Write down her age, her hair color, her body type, what her personality is like, etc.  Look at it often, and then stick to your standards.

At night when you’re in laying in your bed in your dark room, shut your eyes and imagine yourself being with the girl you want.

And realize this – if you are taking my advice and working out, eating right, and filling your mind with the best books – you’re at a premium.  Most guys aren’t doing that.  You’re in the top 5%, at the very least.

If you have a relapse and somehow find yourself with a date scheduled with a divorced mom of 2, just shoot her a polite text saying you have to cancel.

You only live once.  You deserve the best.

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