How to Feel Like a Man

How old are you?  If you’re not over 30, you need to know that you won’t always be waking up in the morning with a stiff rocket between your legs.

This is because your natural testosterone – something you should be very happy to have – goes down as you age.

Low Testosterone vs High Testosterone


You need to be worried because testosterone levels are dropping for men across the planet – no matter how old your are.

A man born in 1970 has 20% less testosterone than his father did at the same age.

Fatigued, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat are some of the symptoms you’ll face if your testosterone is low.  The worst symptoms, however, are a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Your grandfather x200 risked his life hunting the biggest animals so he could come back to his cave and show your grandmother x200 what a valuable bad ass he was so he could put his seed in her.  And if he didn’t – you wouldn’t be here today.

The biggest difference between men and women is that men can have literally thousands of babies.  A woman, on the other hand, realistically can only have a maximum of about 20 babies.  Nature intended for you, as a man, to have tons of sex.  It’s natural.  

But you can’t have sex if you’re not hard.  And it’ll be that much more difficult to do what’s natural if you lose your sex drive.

A few years ago I remember waking up as soft as a ball of yarn.  This became normal to me.  My dick was hard to even see as my belly, full of estrogen that was in the cans of beer that I drank the night before, flopped over my manhood.

I walked hunched over, never looking any girls (or anyone for that matter) in the eyes.  Nor did any girls ever glance at me as I bounced around.  I had forgotten the warm and wet feeling of a woman inside felt like.  

The good news is those days are distant memory.  Here’s what you can do right now to increase your testosterone so you can make your grandparents x200 proud:

  • Lift weights at the gym.


  • Don’t watch porn!


  • Avoid alcohol, specifically beer as it has estrogen in it (especially beer in a can) and causes man boobs and beer bellies.


  • Never cross your legs or ankles when you sit.  Sitting with an open body posture with your legs and arms spread.

If you want to wake up tomorrow and feel the same way you did when you were 20 do this:

  • Eat steak and/or salmon.  

I always make sure before I’m going out with a girl I like that I have had plenty of steak and salmon in me.  She will thank you for it later.

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